11 ideas for a blab.im show

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2015)

Sadly Blab.im is no more ūüôĀ : More here

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How can you use blab.im to benefit your business, life or alleviate boredom?

Blab.im launched about two months ago. It’s a fun live streaming platform with a lot of potential. The website¬†offers up to four windows for participants to chat, interview and have group conversations on a variety of topics.

Most Blab shows focus on topics such as social media, business, finance and hobbies. There is usually one host, although Blab now allows multiple host controls. You can watch the show, comment in the sidebar or ask to take part in the conversation if there is an open slot. If you see the potential, start your own show and have fun.

Below is a list of show topics and ideas to get you started. 

Hold a press conference: Use this tool to schedule and build up excitement over the launch of a new product, service or unveiling of exciting information. Invite bloggers and media to participate and give them the opportunity to ask questions live as part of the web stream event.

Create a quiz show. I do this over at 8.roshsillars.com and markethacking.org. We have a lot of fun asking guests, hosts and followers questions on various topics.

Brain Storm. Invite people to the group conversion about a specific topic and work together to come up with a solution. You never know will show up and offer a key piece to your puzzle.

Hold a seminar. Webinars are a popular way to share information online. Use this platform as your host and give people the opportunity to subscribe before the event. Offer question and answer opportunities during or at the end of the event.

Debate: We are in the political season. It seems like everyone is debating on TV, Radio and Facebook. Blab is an excellent platform to set up your own debate about the issue of your choice.

Give advice: Set up shop on Blab. Offer your advice or consultation services to anyone who needs support on a specific topic or general support in life.

Sports talk:¬†Sports covers a lot of ground such as current events, engaging in debates, trivia and¬†group¬†support if you’re a Detroit Lions fan.

Teach a class: Share what you know in a multi-week class. You can share information and students can ask questions. Blab allows you to schedule events in advance so you can schedule all your dates and lesson plan in advance.

Party! Are you alone this evening?  do you and your friends want to add more conversation to your social event. I recommend hooking up your computer to a large TV or screen and invite more people. A large screen is more engaging for the entire room. So, find the largest screen you can and point your camera to cover as much as the room as possible.

Try coordinating multiple events at the same time with each location around the country or world displaying a big screen for engagement. Have fun!

Group Study: Maybe you are an expert in a religious topic or enjoy literature. Invite people to join you in a hosted study group. Let engaged visitors share their insight or point of view with the group.

News Show: Create your own general of focused current events news show. The blab.im platform allows you to host guests as your experts on various topics. Make sure you double-check your sources. 

Blab allows you to record events. This gives you an opportunity to repurpose your content recordings. There are many uses for this platform. You don’t have to create your own show, there are many running now that you can watch or take part in as a guest. ¬†How might you use Blab.im?


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