14 Cool Marketing Tips – two you never heard of before now.

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2015)

What is marketing? I like to think everything you do that the public, your employees, customers or vendors see or engage with is marketing. Marketing is how you grow your business and it’s a game of testing, trial and error. The goal is to share your story or message in a way that spreads and encourages people to take action (buy your stuff).

Below are fourteen marketing tips that will spark an idea or two to help you grow your business. Some of the tips are rather obscure. That’s good, because implementing a few of them will help you get a jump on your competition.

  1. Review your Twitter analytics. Twitter analytics has a lot of information you didn’t realize are available. For example, Twitter analytics displays as how well your tweets travel, follower interests, your top influencers, locations and gender profiles of your followers.orange
  2. Watch how people move through your website using Lucky Orange (video recording and heatmaps) . You gain a lot of insight looking through the eyes of your website visitors.
  3. Setup a remarketing campaign through AdWords. You know the ads that follow you around the web. You can create them too. They are effective for budgets of all sizes.
  4. Guest blog for exposure. Look for blogs where you have expertise and ask if you can contribute.
  5. Publish an e-book on Kindle.
  6. Check your website speed with Google PageSpeed Insights. This is a SEO metric Google makes note of when judging your website user experience.
  7. Create a contest or promotion.
  8. Design a cool infographic using easel.ly.
  9. Discover what topics and headlines are working with buzzsumo.com
  10. Use pop-up email capture forms to grow your email list. They work too well to ignore.
  11. Host a webinar for you current clients.pixton
  12. A/B test web pages to improve website performance. You can do this using the experiments feature in Google Analytics.
  13. Create your own comic with pixton.com.flixel
  14. Create a Cinemagraph with flixel.com to promote your business (Thanks Richard Harrington).

I bet you didn’t know about Lucky Orange, Pixton and flixel. There are many tactics, tools and services you can use to help your marketing. What would you add?

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