17 Types of Facebook Likes

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2012)
Rosh Sillars is a photographer, author and marketing consultant.

By Rosh Sillars

Since Facebook gave us the like button it has taken on a life of its own. A like basically means you don’t have enough to say for a comment, but you appreciate the content of the status update.  Although we are just hitting a simple button, depending on the timing, the status update and the frequency of our likes, not all likes are alike. Some likes represent a hello, or I agree or express sympathy. Here are the different types likes I see and use on Facebook:

  1. Hello: You give this like to good friends and family to let them know you are thinking of them.
  2. Conversation starter: We often friend old friends, people we want to know, or find ourselves uncertain of people who have followed us. A simple like on a status update will test the water.  If the person likes one of your status updates back, you know your Facebook friend  is open to a discussion or more communication.
  3. Congratulations: When someone shares an achievement, liking the status is a nice pat on the back.
  4. Touche:  During the political season, debates erupt on Facebook a little more often than usual.  When you find yourself in a debate and feel a friend you are sparring with makes a good point, a like is easy way to say good point.
  5. Birthday: It may seem stupid and shallow to some people, but I believe giving and receiving likes on birthdays is a great thing.  Facebook offers a great service by letting you know about friends’ and family birthdays. (It has saved me more than once). Everyone likes acknowledgement in some way; sharing birthday likes and good wishes is a positive thing.  It’s one more way to say I appreciate you.
  6. Sympathy: We’ve all been there.  A friend or family member is facing a tragedy or challenge.  You are not sure what to say, but your only other option to acknowledge the situation is to press the like button.  You hesitate and then wince when you finally press it.  Don’t worry. We all know what you mean, you are expressing your support, condolences or offering a Facebook hug.
  7. Remember me: Some relationships on Facebook fade. Over time you notice that you don’t see regular status updates from people you once communicated with regularly.  Use the search box to look up your old friends. If they are active, like a few of their status updates.  This will do two things: get their attention and signal to Facebook that you would like to see more of their updates in your feed.
  8. Political: I’m not talking Democrats and Republicans. I’m talking about the like you give to higher-ups in your company or the president of your professional organization.  These are calculated likes.  You may not have seen anything in their feed that interests you, but you like something to gain a little positive visibility.
  9. Well said: People take social and personal stands on Facebook all the time.  Sometimes you agree with their statement or side with rebuttal comments.  A like will let people know where you stand without getting caught up in the conversation.
  10. Team player: Similar to a political like, sometimes you like updates to show your support, acknowledge a direction, and affirm you are part of the team.
  11. I Like you: This like is reserved for after you have met someone you hope to find under your relationship status update someday.  It’s a calculated like that needs to be placed at the right time on a thoughtful topic.  Message given; hopefully your message is received.
  12. Liking your Like: Sometimes you like the comment a friend makes on your status update.  A reply may not be necessary, but you want to share your appreciation.  Press the like button under their comment.
  13. Client Like:  Keeping top of mind is important, especially in business.  Taking time to like clients’ status updates will add one more value touch point in your campaign. The like will let people know you are there when they need your product or service.
  14. Laugh Like: People place funny photos, sayings and signs on Facebook all the time.  A like represents a LOL or appreciation for the humor.
  15. I’m sorry: Sometimes you are in the doghouse or you had a recent argument with a friend.  A well-placed like can warm up the situation.
  16. Looking Good:  This is reserved for self-portraits and when people update their profile photo.
  17. Like: Sometimes you just like stuff.

Liking shared content is an important part of the Facebook social community, but don’t forget to comment, too.  Comments offer more impact and give your likes more weight and meaning later.  If all you do is like status updates, the value of your like diminishes over time.

There are many more types of likes. What would you add?


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