A few links for the photographer

Link: http://www.ohanaware.com/funtasticphotos/    I-life style Mac photo editing software. Unique one touch filters. On sale in December for under thirty dollars (No we/NMP are not an affiliate or in partnership)

Link: http://www.geoimgr.com  Geo tag your images

Link: http://feeling-lucky.appspot.com you might find a little inspiration from some random photos

Link: http://www.ilovephotos.com face recognition photo sharing NMP review

Link: http://www.mpix.com/ “advanced amateur” photo printing 

Link: http://animoto.com/ very good slide show with music creator

Link: http://www.pixelpipe.com/ Pixel pipe send your images to all your social sites with one upload NMP review

Link: http://www.asmp.org American Society of Media Photographers. An excellent resource on the business of photography

Link: http://www.photoshelter.com     Photographer archive, sales and image delivery

Link: http://www.zaplive.tv/home   Create your own TV station.

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