What is wrong with linking social media?

LinkedIn and Twitter are not best friends any more.  All your tweets will not automatically post to your LinkedIn account.  Good. I don’t know the reason, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s for the best.

There is too much automatic everything going on in social media.  Sadly, people think they are participating in social media because they post stuff.  Automatically posting the same thing to one or multiple accounts is not social media. It’s just blindly posting stuff.

Businesses ask me all the time if our company will post for them as part of our service.  My answer is no. What we will do is assign someone to gain an understanding of your business and then engage with that community to develop leads on your behalf. It will be expensive.  Hiring someone to just post stuff each day that may or may not be relevant to your company is a big fat waste of money.

Here’s another way to look at it: A business approaches me and asks, “Since you are going to the local chamber of commerce  networking event, would you mind representing our company, too?  Oh, and you can’t use your name, don’t let people know you work for another company, and please explain why our new product will benefit them.”

Posting by itself doesn’t develop relationships.  You need to take the time to — sorry for the over-used word — engage. Developing relationships is how you use social media well.  I can’t tell you how many times in the past I have commented on someone’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter post and the interaction died there.  Why? Most likely the post was submitted from another account and the person never knew I commented.  Now, when I see a #hashtag on Facebook or LinkedIn, I just ignore the post.  I’m sure other people do, too.

Is all automation bad?

It is no secret that I use Hootsuite to set up advance posts the night before for my Twitter account.   All the posts and questions are items that I found or came up with on my own. There are no feeds from other sources.  The difference is although I preload some of my tweets, I’m there the next day ready to respond and answer questions.  In other words, I set up my social media day the night before so I can spend valuable business hours developing relationships with you, not researching my next tweet.

Everything I share on a specific social media platform is deliberate. Even if I share the same thing on multiple channels, it’s because I thought the message, article, or idea was relevant to all.

You have two resources on which to build your business: time and money. If you don’t have the time, your business is doing well, so you should have the money to advertise.  If you don’t have the money, you have the time.

Stop blindly automating. Start networking.



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