One Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Photography Sales

Photography Sales

Sales is not a favorite activity of photographers. Everyone want’s to sell their services, yet they don’t like to do sales. How do you improve sales without selling? You can sell your work online with marketing and let the images sell themselves. However, this generally does not lead to client assignments. To improve your offline sales there is something you must do and this is what we will explore here.

Allow me to answer the the burning question. What is the one thing I need to do improve my sales? The answer is in the video below.

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If you did not watch the video, here is the punchline, you must ask for the sale. Honestly, it’s true. People don’t automatically know when to say yes, I want this. It is common for a prospect to wait until the sales person gives them permission to buy. Otherwise, they may walk, even if they want to book your photography service now.

It is important to ask for the sale in the first meeting. If you don’t ask, they may never buy or the sales process is delayed until they talk to their spouse, co-worker or friends — who may or may not give them the permission you didn’t. Always ask, this is called the close.

There are many ways to approach the big ask and how you approach it is up to you. This is where your style and personality come in to play. There is an entire industry around the idea of the sales close. Here is a list of sales close techniques. 

Why People Don’t Ask For The Sale

The biggest reason photographers don’t ask for the sale is fear. Fear of the word no. Yet, there is no good reason to fear the word no. It’s actually very helpful when someone says no because it frees you up to move on to the next prospect. The more prospects you talk to, the greater the chance of increasing your sales.

The fear of rejection. Honestly, I’m with you here. I hate rejection. I’ve struggled with this my entire life and I know I’m not alone. Still, I understand the importance of coming to a conclusion rather than dragging things out. The only way I succeed is to stand tall and pretend, in my head, that I’m good with any answer.

Sometimes, when people say no it means they need more information. You can over come this rejection with a question, such as, do you still have an unanswered question? or what will it take for you to say yes? Sometimes the prospect will give you the answer, such as price. Other times, they will not have an answer and it’s best to let your photography prospect walk.

Improve photography sales

Sales is a numbers game. Your best sales tactic is to give everyone permission to buy from you and to refer your services. You may not wish to sell everyone. However, most people you know have the opportunity to be good referral source. Give them the information and permission to share the good news about your great work.

Don’t let the sales process drag out. Ask for the sale. How do you ask for the sale?

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