Go Live To Strengthen Your Brand

Photo by Stokes RX

Strengthen Your Photography Brand

Earning the big jobs and commanding the large fees is not easy. Photographers dream of the opportunity to have their work make an impact. There are reasons why some photographers earn tens of thousands of dollars per day, while others struggle. One big factor is the reputation of the photographer. Your brand is your reputation. The more people who know your name as an expert, the stronger your brand.

Currently, going live is all the rage. Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Periscope (Twitter), YouTube all offer opportunities to stream to your followers live. Live streaming is not new. Google hangouts has been around since 2013. Before then, you could live stream using services such as livestream.com and ustream, among others, which have been around for over a decade.

In the past, the process could be complicated. Even if you were tech savvy enough, you still need to get people to your stream through promotion using outside services. The revolution, which started with Meerkat and Periscope in 2015 made it easy to stream to your audience directly from a mobile device. One big upgrade is the seamless social experience between the streamer and viewer. The ability to comment and share emotion icons which the host can immediately react to is powerful. Video is now real social media.

Twitter quickly bought Periscope and the race to integrate social video with our favorite social platforms was underway. Now that YouTube is finally releasing their mobile live streaming upgrade to most everyone, a majority of the major players offer streaming opportunities. This gives you more access to your audience.

Interactive video is a powerful way to make connections. It allows your followers to feel like they know you and develop deeper bonds. Much in the way other traditional visual mediums work, such as television and movies. Yet, this is social.

You never know who is watching. Like your blog, Twitter feed or Facebook page, most people do not engage. I’ve been amazed through the years who has read my blog or listened to my podcast. Some of these people have helped my career because they know who I am. I assure you more people know of my work because of social media. The same should be said of you too.

Not everyone is good or likes to be in front of the camera. This is why many photographers like their place behind the camera. However, if you practice, over time you will get better and find your voice. Live video is less crowded than other forms of social media. For this reason, your chances of reaching the right audience and rising to the top as an expert is much greater.

I’m not suggesting it’s easy. There is still a lot of competition for social media attention. However, for now, the social platforms are giving people who stream live an extra boost to a larger audience. This opportunity helps you expand your brand awareness.

Who knows how long this trend will continue. Still, its one of the best opportunities available to make your mark in the photography industry or your target market.


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