27 Outrageous Ideas For Photographers

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2018)

Outrageous Ideas For Photographers

It’s time for a new direction in your photography. You need to challenge your self. Maybe you are in a rut and not sure about your next steps. Consider the twenty-seven things I list below. If you have not heard, doing the same thing over and over leads to the same results. It creates boredom too. Now is the time to try something new and spark that energy deep inside you.

Some of the ideas below may not be new to you. I’ve written similar articles before. However, if you’ve done some of these things in the past, take the idea or concept to a new level — get your brain moving. Some of the activities might involve a little research on your part. However, I’m not encouraging you to do anything harmful or life threatening.

Ultimately, the concepts in this list are designed to improve your photography and help you create a stronger business. Of course, I have a few marketing ideas listed too. If your heart starts to race, chances are, the idea is right for you. Now, go challenge yourself.

  1. Light your subject using only mirrors.
  2. Create a photograph without using digital technology.
  3. Ask someone who intimidates you to be your next model
  4. Create a virtual reality portfolio (VR). Something people can view with Oculus, VR Gear or Google CardBoard.
  5. Call on the largest Advertising agency in town to show your portfolio.
  6. Develop a sales funnel which focuses on selling only one specific photograph in your portfolio.
  7.  Create a beautiful out-of-focus or blurry photograph.
  8.   Show a total stranger your portfolio and then ask for a referral.
  9.  Plan all the details for a year-long worldwide photo safari.
  10. Begin a movement with your photography (social, political etc).
  11. Double your normal fee on your next five estimates.
  12. Create a new image style with Photoshop.
  13. Pick a charity or cause and start a movement with your photography
  14. Change your profile photo on Facebook every day for a month.
  15. Create and use a lighting system made from materials you find at your local hardware store.
  16. Invite your favorite famous musician or actor to pose for you.
  17. Sell a framed version of your favorite photograph on the street.
  18. Create a photograph of you to sell as art.
  19. Rent and use a unique lens you’ve never tried before.
  20. Create a list of 365 photography ideas, subjects or concepts to photograph over the next year.
  21. Take on your greatest fear with photography.
  22. Create and upload a YouTube video everyday for a month.
  23. It’s common to create powerful dramatic photographs, try creating a powerful happy photograph.
  24. Photograph for an entire day without looking through the viewfinder or reviewing your images.
  25. Network non-stop until you have the names, numbers and warm referrals of twenty people who buy photography or need a photographer.
  26. Try to add 1000 followers to your Instagram account over a month, with only new images (no following for follows).
  27. Ask someone to pose for you with their greatest enemy.

What would you add?

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