31 things you are not doing

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2009)

Listed below are 31 things you are not doing for your photo business, but should be doing. Many are advanced ideas. Some ideas, like flossing, are things you know you should do, but don’t. The rest are ideas that never crossed your mind.  Ultimately, I believe you will find a few ideas on this list that you are not doing.  If that is not the case and you are doing all of these things, good for you.

You are not …

1. Creating video slide shows of your work or portfolios

2. Placing your videos in the local Google search

3. Using Digg or StumbleUpon to share your photographs

4.  Re-releasing older blog posts on Twitter

5.  Publishing your blog through Amazon for the Kindle https://kindlepublishing.amazon.com/

6. Effectively using site maps on your Web site

7. Managing your RSS feeds with Feedburner

8. Tracking the effectiveness of your links with Bit.ly (or other link shortners w/ analytics)

9.  Customizing your Photoshop Web galleries

10. Placing Google Analytics code in all your online client Web galleries

11. Regularly sending promotional post cards

12. Sending thank you cards via U.S. mail

13.Using Grader.com to review your Web site through the eyes of Google

14. Offering special gifts in exchange for prospects’ e-mails

15. Creating affiliate programs to sell your work

16. Ignoring the stupid games, polls and applications on social media sites

17. Scaling your Web activities for mobile devices

18. Remembering that Google isn’t the only search engine on the Web

19. Backing up your digital files off site

20. Writing articles to help establish yourself as an expert

21. Testing your Web sites on different browsers

22. Calibrating your monitor on a regular basis

23. Calibrating your printer

24. Optimizing all your pages —  not just the front page — for searches

25. Placing meta data and water marking images before you upload to the Web

26. Thanking people who link to your Web site or blog

27. Offering Web site translation buttons for your international prospects and customers

28. Syncing all of your communications tools so they work seamlessly

29. Creating and updating a price list

30. Culling your contact lists

31. Understanding your changing market


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