33 Things Photographers Are Not Doing

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2016)
Photo by Duncan C

The list below is 33 things you are not doing for your photography business. However, you should do them. Some are basic ideas, while others are more advanced. Trust me, there are more than 33 things you and I are not doing on a daily basis. The following are things I often find missing from photographers marketing, business development and management.

You are not …

  1. Re purposing older blog posts on Twitter.
  2. Adding sitemaps to your website.
  3. Using Google’s search console (webmaster tools) to your benefit.
  4. Sending thank you cards via traditional mail.
  5. Expanding your reach by writing posts on LinkedIn Pulse.
  6. Tracking the effectiveness of your links with Google Link builder.
  7. Offering special gifts or reward in exchange for a prospects’ e-mail.
  8. Ignoring the games, polls and time-wasting applications on social media sites.
  9. Creating affiliate programs to sell your creative work.
  10. Considering mobile visitors when you update your website.
  11. Backing up your digital files off site.
  12.  Writing guest blog articles to help establish yourself as an expert.
  13. Calibrating your monitor.
  14. Thanking people who link to your website or blog.
  15. Testing your website on different browsers.
  16. Creating or updating your price list regularly.
  17. Segmenting your emails list in to focused groups.
  18. Remembering new ideas or inspiration using evernote.com.
  19. Using Google Tag Manager to input and manage tags, such as, JavaScript tracking codes.
  20. Using Schema on your website.
  21. Using extensions in your AdWords campaigns.
  22. Placing Facebook’s pixel on your site so you can retarget website visitors with new messages.
  23. Organizing your life or business with Air Table (or similar system).
  24. Using Facebook Power Editor to run your Facebook and Instagram ads.
  25. Considering VR (virtual reality) as part of your imaging future.
  26. Saving time and taking control of online repetitive tasks with IFTTT.
  27. Creating enough educational and marketing videos.
  28. Taking advantage of Twitter Cards.
  29. Watching how people navigate your website with Lucky Orange.
  30. Learning how to code for free at codecademy.
  31. Checking the effectiveness of your website with marketing grader.
  32. Adding a SSL certificate to your website.
  33. Asking for client testimonials.

What would you add to this list?

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