4 Topics Photographers Should Blog About (and one not)

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2014)
Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder Photo by Rosh Sillars

Face it, Google can’t read the thousand words your photographs represent. Not all photographers like to write. The ones that do have an advantage. Blogging is an important part of your marketing strategy. It helps you get found, especially through the search engines. Once you are found, a blog offers insight into your style, ability and vision.

Photographers, as a group, tend to get the importance of an online presence. It’s common for photographers to ask me what they should blog about. Many want to blog, but they don’t know where to start. Below are four topics every photographer can blog about to help them get found.

  • Write about your future clients interests or industry. If you want to attract architects, write about architecture and have your photographs support each post. Fashion photographers must share ideas about fashion. If you are a food photographer, write about food. Then, actively participate in the communities you are targeting. When relevant, share your posts and work.
  • Locations: What are your favorite locations? You don’t need to draw a map to your secret spot, but you can describe it in detail. Why is it a great place? Is there a best time of year to photograph there. What is the mood, advantage and characteristics of the site.
    • Wedding photographers should write about the churches and halls they photograph. If you title a blog post with the name of a hall, chances are your article will rank with the hall in the search results. This is especially true if you write about the location often. In some cases I recommend photographers dedicate a page, accessible from the main navigation, to specific halls, locations and churches.
    • Fashion photographers can talk about how they plan for shooting on location. What is it like to photograph in urban settings, on exotic islands or foreign countries. For local assignments do you need a permit in your town? Are some locations safer than others?
  • Equipment: Nope.
  • Service: Don’t write about how great you are. Do share information about how you price different types of photography. Answer the question — how do you hire a photographer? Share what the hiring process is like and list questions people should ask a photographer. Explain your image delivery methods, the services you use and why you use them.
  • People: Write about local people you photograph, especially if they are well-known in your community. Real Estate agents, retail business owners, politicians, athletes, coaches and teachers are all good subjects. Ask if you can do an interview to go with their picture on your blog. Audio record their photo session (with permission) for little nuggets of information you can distill it down later in to a nice profile piece.

Break down topics into smaller parts and details. Write a heading and then list as many subheadings as you can. Use the subheadings as your future blog posts. If you write about makeup; talk about foundations in the first post, the next topic can be eyes and then share tips on lips. Make sure you post relevant examples of your work to support each topic. Properly label your image file names, alt text and captions — relate the names to the topic of your blog post.

I find the best place to start when thinking of new ideas for a blog post are the questions people ask me about my business. What questions do people ask you? Answer the questions on your blog.

Remember the more you blog the more successful blogging will be for your business.

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