50 things you can do with the Periscope app.

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2015)

Periscope and Meerkat merge streaming video and social media into one platform. This is real social media — you can comment live to the content creator. Like the early days of social media people are enthusiastically exploring the new platforms and making connections. Still, they are not quite sure what to do with them — yet.

The early days are like the wild west. A time to establish your presence and make your mark. It reminds me a lot of the first year or two of Twitter. People sharing random stuff, questions and answer sessions and tweeting their daily life. People are more savvy about social media today and these platforms will mature much faster.

I’m sharing digital marketing, social media and photography ideas to the creative community via Periscope. I enjoy answering questions after I share a few thoughts. On Meerkat, once your session is over, it’s over. On Periscope your video is available for twenty-four hours. The ability to download a session on Periscope is helpful. I plan to use these session down the road on my upcoming pro site.

Just like all social media, sometimes it’s tough to come up with ideas. Below is a list of 50 things you can do on your Periscope and Meerkat video feeds.

  1. Answer questions about your profession
  2. Share your work environment or studio
  3. Tell Jokes
  4. Test Jokes
  5. Ask a question of the day
  6. Ask for business advice
  7. Demonstrate your craft
  8. Share your favorite place
  9. Give a cooking demonstration
  10. Share marketing tips
  11. Play catch with your dog
  12. Debate politics
  13. Read your blog post
  14. Offer dating advice
  15. Give a restaurant review
  16. Talk about your favorite books
  17. Share a movie review
  18. Sing a song
  19. Ask, which pants I should wear?
  20. Read the news
  21. Give commentary on the news
  22. Live stream an event (make sure it’s ok)
  23. Steam your speech or presentation
  24. Offer a live class
  25. Build something for the live audience
  26. Explain how to put something together
  27. Draw a picture in your studio
  28. Paint a landscape on location
  29. Share the craziness of your commute
  30. Stream you and your friends watching the big game
  31. Show your followers your collection of ……
  32. Discus what you learned today
  33. Share your philosophy on life
  34. Unbox something live!
  35. Show behind the scenes
  36. Test a headlines
  37. Share your adventure. Give updates along the way.
  38. Offer stock tips, opinions and advice (non-professionally)
  39. Share family events (in a closed group)
  40. Interview someone live.
  41. Tell secrets
  42. Air-guitar to your favorite music
  43. Introduce the world to your favorite band.
  44. Give a tour of your refrigerator.
  45. Host a community forum
  46. Share local news and activities
  47. Raise funds for a local charity (point people to the charity website)
  48. Give an inspirational speech
  49. Tell a ghost story
  50. Start a revolution

One bit of advice. Unless you are doing a question and answer session; answer questions at the end. It is easy to get distracted. Ignore trolls, there will be people who say mean or rude things. It’s an open forum and you can’t stop it. Ignore them and they can’t throw you off your game.

Hopefully something on this list sparked an idea or two. What would you add?

See you on Periscope.

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