6 Powerful Ideas For Photographers To Help Grow Their Business

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2016)
Photo by Julian Burgess

The photography business is tough. Not everyone can make it as a professional photographer. It’s not because they can’t make photographs. Creating good images is easy today. However, no one has your vision. The way you think, see, light, compose and the moment your instinct tells you to press the shutter button is all you. However, to develop a photography business around your vision, it takes additional skill and knowledge.

Below are six ideas you can use now to grow your photography business.

  1. Focus: Who is your target audience and what is their pain? Do the people you want to purchase your photography need it? In what situation does your audience need your work the most? How does your specific business solve their photography problem? Focus your business around the problems of others. Your photography makes their life better, your professionalism takes the worry and risk out of hiring a photographer.
  2. Price: Don’t be the cheapest photographer. Cheap photographers go out of business because they don’t make enough money to cover their bills, even if people regularly hire them. Each time you earn a new client, increase your rate a bit. Maybe a dollar per hour or five dollars per image. Eventually, you will find your sweet-spot.
  3. Test: Test your images on social media. Which of your photographs do people respond to? Unfortunately, your favorite photographs may not be the images people like most. Learn to understand your audience. Test new ideas, lighting techniques, and poses. Never stop learning and you will find new opportunities.
  4. Education: This idea is similar to number 3, however, it still deserves its own listing. Never, never, never stop educating yourself. Those who think they know everything become stagnant, old, crispy and eventually wonder what happened to their career.
  5. Collaborate: This is one of the most powerful business growing ideas on the list. When you collaborate with other photographers, business people and vendors you share ideas, resources, and opportunities. Collaboration can help you grow your business quicker than doing it on your own.
  6. Review: Look back at your previous six months or year and examine what works and what does not. Seriously, not for two seconds of thought, but a real examination. Write down your experiences and results. You can learn more from what did not work compared to what did. Take the grains of previous success and use the lessons to develop similar ideas which help grow your business.
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The photography business offers us the opportunity to do something we love on a daily basis. However, there is a lot of competition. If you want to survive, you need to understand a professional photographer is in business.  The photographers who make a living treat their craft as a business.

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