69 Marketing Ideas For Photographers

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)

Photo by Jason Rogers

Grow Your Photography Business

Below is a list of 69 marketing ideas to help kick-start your photography business. You can use most of the ideas for any business. Yet, I’ve used many of them to help grow my photography business through the years.

I kick off my list with a video which contains another 89 marketing ideas. Some of the ideas are similar, along with some strategy and insight. Enjoy.

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69 Marketing Ideas List

  1. Join a professional photography organization. A few to consider are APAASMP and PPA
  2. Start a photography blog. I recommend using WordPress.
  3. Define your target market.
  4. Create a persona around your best customer. Market to the persona.
  5. Read John Harrington’s book:  Best Business Practices for Photographers. 
  6. Network with your local chamber of commerce.
  7. Create and share your professional story.
  8. Write blog posts about photography questions people ask you.
  9. Enter photo contests. If you win, promote the results.
  10. Comment on other blogs. People really appreciate it.
  11. Hire a good business coach.
  12. Create a Facebook business page for your photography business.
  13. Create social media ads for your business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram all have advertising programs.
  14. Learn search engine optimization (SEO). Check out moz.com
  15. Invite a successful photographer to lunch.
  16. Update your LinkedIn account.
  17. Exchange relevant links with other photographers to support your SEO.
  18. Host a themed evening event for your clients.
  19. Create helpful and interesting boards on Pinterest.com
  20. Google your competition. What did you learn?
  21. Discover what your competition is doing right. Apply the knowledge to your business.
  22. Send a press release to local media. (Save this for the important events.
  23. Sign up for a meetup.com account for local event networking.
  24. Set up a Google alerts account. Track your name, business name, industry and website.
  25. Make sure you have an e-mail signature with valuable information.
  26. Champion other photographers in social media.
  27. Volunteer your photography services to a worthy charity.
  28. Make a 4×6 portfolio cards to hand out at events.
  29. Use moo.com to create unique photo business cards.
  30. Speak to local groups about your photography and photo processes.
  31. Create bumper stickers.
  32. Return all e-mails with 24 hours — if not faster.
  33. Use the Combination Code to separate yourself from the competition.
  34. Start a photography newsletter.
  35. Place an opt-in e-mail request on your Website’s front page.
  36. Call five random prospects today for a portfolio showing.
  37. Create a one-year marketing plan and calendar.
  38. Listen to photography podcasts.
  39. Develop relationships with photography bloggers.
  40. Create a name for your style of photography.
  41. Call customers who didn’t buy from you and ask why (check your ego at the door).
  42. Create an AdWords account to advertise your photography business. Test display ads and remarketing.
  43. Increase your photography rates.
  44. Explore Google trends.
  45. Train a representative to sell your photography.
  46. Write a white paper on your photography techniques.
  47. Comment on other blogs.
  48. Develop a powerful sales letter.
  49. Start a YouTube Channel.
  50. Ask yourself: Would you hire you? Why?
  51. Create videos about how to use your product or service.
  52. Make sure your Web site is easy to navigate.
  53. Use spyfu.com to keep track of your competitors’ Internet ad activities.
  54. Test ad headlines with Google AdWords.
  55. Create an affiliate program.
  56. Don’t send spam.
  57. Champion other people in your industry
  58. Increase your Web sites speed. It’s better for visitors and Google SEO.
  59. Create a company 365 photography project using Tumblr 
  60. Start a Facebook group.
  61. Create a downloadable PDF with helpful information, in exchange for an email.
  62. Self-publish a book through sites like
  63.  Lulu.com.Stop doing what doesn’t work.
  64. Leave a call to action on voice mail messages.
  65. Listen to the Marketing Over Coffee podcast.
  66. Update your Google business account
  67. Turn your brand into a cause.
  68. Upload to Instagram daily.
  69. Create a list blog post.

I’ve created other lists in the past. Many of the ideas in this list, I’ve pulled from past lists. However, each list has some uniques ideas or features. You can check them out below.

Don’t depend on one strategy to grow your business. Consider combining different ideas to create a new strategy for your photography business. I call this combination marketing and it is powerful. What is your favorite marketing combination?

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