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(Last Updated On: December 16, 2019)

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Business and marketing tips

I’ve put together a list of 777 business and marketing ideas for you to use as a powerful resource. This is not my first time at the business list rodeo. In 2009, I compiled 189 business ideas for photographers. That went so well that in 2010 I created  505 marketing ideas.  Now, I’ve taken the list to a new level. I’ve added new and updated ideas inspired by my personal experiences. I’ve reworded previously created lists, and my twist on blog post lists from around the web. Full disclosure:  I have inserted a few  relevant web links as examples for a few topics.  I also have a few Amazon affiliate links connected to some book recommendations.

Honestly, you don’t need a list of 777 business and marketing ideas.  Sometimes you only need one good idea. I don’t expect you to read the entire list in one sitting. I do recommend you bookmark this site, so when you need some direction or inspiration you have access to a good resource.  Look for the ideas that feel right for your business and test them. I have highlighted a few areas of focus in red, such as websites, blogs, SEO and social media sites.

Always test.  Not all of these ideas come from my personal experience; I cannot guarantee every idea will work for you, your business or industry.  I will guarantee that there are ideas in this list that will change your life if you apply them well. Believe it or not, in the world of business there are more than 777 great business and marketing ideas available to you.  So, enjoy this list until I get to the next, much larger list, in 2014.  Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section.

The big business and marketing list

  1. General Marketing: Write a marketing plan.
  2. Choose your company name wisely.
  3. Develop a direct mail campaign.
  4. Test headlines using Google AdWords.
  5. Try combination marketing.
  6. Speak to groups.
  7. Tailor your business to the customer experience.
  8. Open a Speakerfile account.
  9. Ask people why they hire your competition.
  10. How good is your marketing? Check with marketing.grader.com
  11. Use Google alerts to follow your name and industry.
  12. Write an ebook.
  13. Learn how to upload and sell your ebook on Amazon.
  14. Check out Google’s What Do You love http://www.wdyl.com for industry information.
  15. Collaborate with your marketing team on Google Docs.
  16. Google yourself.
  17. Stop doing marketing that is not working.
  18. Think (or don’t think) about new marketing ideas while watching calm.com.
  19. Publish your own book through Amazon using CreateSpace.com
  20. Publish a book through Lulu.
  21. Go to a networking event and just listen. Don’t talk about your business unless asked.
  22. What is your brand story?
  23. Hire a designer to create a new business card.
  24. Have your business cards made at Moo cards.
  25. Host an event for clients and prospects.
  26. Post your business card at the local coffee shop.
  27. Volunteer for a good cause.
  28. Help your branding efforts with Brandify.com
  29. Start a podcast.
  30. Define your target market.
  31. Submit your podcast to iTunes.
  32. Learn how to use Google tags.
  33. Research your competition using Topsy.com
  34. Record your good ideas using Evernote.
  35. Use Springpad as an alternative to Evernote.
  36. Create social media promotions with Wildfire.
  37. Create a social poll using Quipol.com.
  38. Create a social business card with Connect.me
  39. Attend industry conferences.
  40. Advertise on Craigslist.
  41. Sign up for HARO (Help A Reporter Out) as a media resource.
  42. Create a smart phone app for your company.
  43. Make sure your smart phone apps are useful.
  44. Use Prezi for better presentations.
  45. Create advertisement based on why people should buy from you.
  46. Create a QR code.
  47. Display your QR codes on advertising.
  48. Make sure your QR codes offer something valuable.
  49. Engage and manage Facebook Page performance with Agorapulse.com
  50. Connect videos to QR codes.
  51. Create special offers only available through your networking partners.
  52. Submit articles to your local newspapers.
  53. Send one-page press releases to your local media once a month.
  54. Create an annual award for your industry. Promote it.
  55. Join you local chamber of commerce.
  56. Hold an open house at your business.
  57. Create a memorable toll-free phone number.
  58. Advertise on local cable channels.
  59. Share free T-shirts with your logo at events.
  60. Offer a smaller or larger version of your product.
  61. Think differently.
  62. Host a morning coffee hour.
  63. Host an art show.
  64. Empower employees and partners to share your social content with GaggleAMP.com
  65. Write powerful case studies on your blog.
  66. Write a white paper for your industry.
  67. Interview your customers.
  68. Ask networking partners: Who, among their associates, could use your product or service?
  69. Set marketing goals.
  70. Create a loyalty card.
  71. Look for new marketing ideas in different industries.
  72. Introduce new products and services regularly.
  73. Hire a spokesperson.
  74. Start a newsletter for clients.
  75. Create exciting new photographs of your products.
  76. Create exciting new photographs of your people.
  77. Create a persona map of your best customer. 
  78. Survey your customers.
  79. Ask your best customer what you could do better.
  80. Send thank you cards.
  81. Follow up on your networking leads.
  82. Check a prospective employee’s social media reputation.  (Be careful not to invade privacy.)
  83. Advertise how popular you are. (Don’t overdo it.)
  84. Read Seth Godin‘s blog.
  85. Create bumper stickers.
  86. Listen to the podcast marketing over coffee.
  87. Don’t be afraid to put a few of your own links in your online content.
  88. Hire Rosh Sillars to take your professional portrait.
  89. Set a marketing budget and use it.
  90. Develop your personal brand.
  91. Remember people love free things.
  92. Learn how to tell your story.
  93. Use Cloze.com to organize your business connections.
  94. Create a memory hook.
  95. Hire a good editor.
  96. Answer questions on Yahoo answers.
  97. Make sure you have a system to upsell your prospects.
  98. Offer free shipping.
  99. Use Sproutsocial.com to review your social media statistics.
  100. Consider holiday advertising outside your religion or traditions.
  101. Mail samples to prospects or a target market.
  102. Develop useful add-ons to sell to your current customers.
  103. Partner with a charity.
  104. Always have business cards with you.
  105. Join local clubs.
  106. Take an editor or reporter to lunch so they can explain the media business to you.
  107. Join local service organizations.
  108. Hire a business or marketing coach.
  109. Don’t risk your reputation for a quick dollar.
  110. Create a Groupon.
  111. Refer your vendors.
  112. Reward one customer each month.
  113. Donate your product or service to a charity auction.
  114. Answer your phone with a happy voice.
  115. Create an entertaining voice mail message.
  116. Create a drip list (regularly scheduled connections) for prospects and use multiple methods to contact them (including email).
  117. Keep your biography or digital company brochure on your computer desktop for quick email replies.
  118. Ask people in other industries how they market and develop new sales.
  119. Learn a new language.
  120. Send birthday cards to your clients.
  121. Set up appointments as soon as you meet a new prospect (via smart phone or tablet).
  122. Don’t market by committee. (You will create average, boring ideas to satisfy everyone.)
  123. Ask why people didn’t buy from you.
  124. Call on old clients again.
  125. Create your own social media platform to connect with customers.
  126. Create an animated demo.
  127. Use email auto responders for company inquiries.
  128. Follow up quickly.
  129. Never stop educating yourself.
  130. Offer free consultations.
  131. Offer very expensive consultations.
  132. Become an expert for a radio show.
  133. Ask if your prospect has a budget.
  134. Post special offers on your receipts.
  135. Take on at least one marketing activity each day.
  136. Publicize every completed major milestone.
  137. Look for new markets.
  138. Display your portfolio using a big-screen TV.
  139. Invite clients and prospects to a weekly office happy hour. (It can be done without alcohol.)
  140. Spend more time with good clients, not bad clients.
  141. Never complain about business to your customers.
  142. Look prospects in the eye.
  143. Create a video testimonial for your clients.
  144. Develop a direct mail campaign.
  145. Would you buy from your company? Why or why not?
  146. Create a song about your business.
  147. Call your company’s customer service line and see if you are satisfied.
  148. Add audio to your photographs with Fotobabble.com.
  149. Sell your products on eBay.com.
  150. Sell your products on etsy.com.
  151. Create a YouTube ad.
  152. Find a new job for unemployed clients; this creates more loyalty.
  153. Create multimedia product manuals with Apple’s iBook.
  154. Create a scholarship.
  155. Hire a sports star to promote your product.
  156. Take a social media road trip and report to your community.
  157. Use Creative Commons photos from 500px.
  158. Join a BNI networking group.
  159. Accept mobile payments.
  160. Accept payment via Squareup.com
  161. Visit a new city to be inspired and gather fresh ideas.
  162. Focus on the client’s perspective.
  163. Create an online suggestion box.
  164. Develop a pay-it-forward campaign.
  165. Use an iPad or other tablet as part of your ordering or customer service process.
  166. Create an augmented reality promotion.
  167. Develop an online reputation plan.
  168. Warn existing clients of price increases well ahead of time.
  169. Give existing clients an extension on your old rates before increasing your prices.
  170. Sometimes “dumb ideas” make you rich.
  171. Advertise in industry newsletters.
  172. Use FreshBooks to invoice your clients.
  173. Create humorous job titles for your employees.
  174. Review your contracts.
  175. Sell your best branded content.
  176. Take an unhappy customer to lunch.
  177. Hire professionals (lawyer, accountant etc.)
  178. Review your website on all current browsers.
  179. Subscribe to a marketing newsletter.
  180. Work on remembering names.
  181. Create an about.me account.
  182. Website: Create a website.
  183. Hire Synectics Media to design a website for you.
  184. Update your website.
  185. Make sure your website is user friendly.
  186. See how other people use your site with Inspectlet.com.
  187. Create a website with Checkthis.com.
  188. Create a Website using Wix.com.
  189. For quick invoice payment send a  PayPal invoice (this is not an everyday solution).
  190. Host a directory of services on your website.
  191. Create a coupon available only on your website.
  192. Create an area on your website specifically for your current customers.
  193. Create an online catalog.
  194. Create a testimonial page on your website.
  195. Build your new website using HTML 5.
  196. Create an interactive calendar for your clients.
  197. Create a helpful and unique 404 error page.
  198. Create a mobile version of your website.
  199. Review your website history with Web.archive.org
  200. Create a responsive design website.
  201. Display a sign with your web address on your car.
  202. Make your website URL simple and easy to remember.
  203. Update your about page.
  204. Don’t use splash pages on your website.
  205. Make your about page interesting.
  206. Offer helpful PDFs for download on your webpage.
  207. Update your news section regularly.
  208. Create multiple support websites.
  209. Make sure your website has a map.
  210. Create a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on your website.
  211. Keep your website forms short.
  212. Create a quiz.
  213. Blog: Create a blog.
  214. Guest blog.
  215. Publish your blog on Kindle.
  216. Use questions in your headlines.
  217. Create a blog (or website) using WordPress.com.
  218. Use a CAPTCHA to limit spam on your blog.
  219. Create a blog at Blogger.com.
  220. Place a translation widget on your blog.
  221. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog via RSS feed.
  222. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog via email.
  223. Blog consistently.
  224. Write about experts in your field.
  225. Keep blog comments on.
  226. Start a photo blog.
  227. Write about your vendors.
  228. Write about your best customers.
  229. Write about your worst customer (but don’t use names).
  230. Write about your niche.
  231. Write about how you got into the business.
  232. Write about your mentor.
  233. Write about your processes.
  234. Share answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  235. Don’t accept advertising on your company blog.
  236. When you comment on blogs, make your comment meaningful.
  237. Open a Tumblr.com account for quick blog posts.
  238. Share ideas on Squidoo.com
  239. People still love lists; create them regularly on your blog. (But not every post.)
  240. Create a list specific to your industry.
  241. Subscribe to marketing blogs on the  AdAge 150 list.
  242. Localize a national event.
  243. Interview industry experts.
  244. Use targeted keywords in your blog posts.
  245. Create a helpful blogroll. (list of links)
  246. Update your blogroll often.
  247. Read your competition’s blog.
  248. Create charts and graphs to demonstrate your points and ideas.
  249. Turn your blog into an online magazine.
  250. Email Marketing: Open an email marketing account. (Constant Contact; MailChimp; Vertical Response)
  251. Make sure you have an email capture system on your website.
  252. A/B (test multiple versions) test your emails.
  253. Make sure your emails have a call to action.
  254. Add social media connection options to your email.
  255. Capture emails with a lightbox form. (They are effective.)
  256. Segment your email lists for best results.
  257. Have an email template professionally designed.
  258. Give something away for email addresses.
  259. Use email signatures for promotion.
  260. Place photographs in your emails.
  261. Social Media: Develop a social media plan.
  262. Remember social media is more than Facebook.
  263. In the world of social media,  everyone is a VIP.
  264. Open a Pheed.com account.
  265. Create a regular video show on Pheed.com.
  266. Keep track of favorite articles and posts with Instapaper.com.
  267. Create events with Eventbrite.com.
  268. Try an open-source social media insights platform, such as ThinkUpapp.com
  269. Look for networking events with Meetup.com.
  270. Create a social media calendar.
  271. Schedule pins on Pinterest with Reachli.com
  272. Claim your name on new social media websites.
  273. Follow your Klout score for guidance on how well you are using social media.
  274. An alternative to Klout: Peerindex.com
  275. Open a Pinterest account for visual bookmarking and sharing.
  276. If you like Pinterest, you also might like Juxtapost.com post for visual sharing.
  277. Look at social media as an educational platform.
  278. Here is a contact manager for your social networks: Contax.io
  279. Open a Vimeo account for sharing high-quality video.
  280. Track your social media with awe.sm
  281. Keep track of your social reputation with brandmentions.com.
  282. Promote your vendors in social media.
  283. Manage your social media with MarketMeSuite.com
  284. Submit your work to Stumbleupon.com.
  285. Submit your work to Digg.com.
  286. Submit your work to Reddit.com.
  287. Place your social media addresses on your print material.
  288. Use social media for customer service.
  289. Listen.
  290. Turn off your electronics and spend a day examining current traditional marketing themes.
  291. Create a Pinterest product catalog.
  292. Place your latest Powerpoint presentation on SlideShare.net.
  293. Improve your Twitter community relationships with Commun.it.
  294. Monitor your social media data with Cyfe.com.
  295. Measure and optimize your social media with Crowdbooster.com.
  296. Register your business with Foursquare.
  297. Manage your Foursquare business page regularly.
  298. Reward regular visitors with Foursquare (not just mayors).
  299. Advertise on Yelp.
  300. Read Socialmediaexaminer.com
  301. Train your staff on how to effectively and efficiently use social media.
  302. Facebook: Open a Facebook account.
  303. Take advantage of Facebook promoted posts.
  304. Learn how to use Facebook ads.
  305. Collect the best ideas your find on the web with Keeeb.com
  306. Use Facebook ads to target people in specific ZIP codes.
  307. Analyze your Facebook usage with Likealyzer.com
  308. Create a Facebook business page.
  309. Start a Facebook Group.
  310. Create an interesting banner for Facebook Timeline.
  311. Review your Facebook insights to understand which of your posts people share.
  312. Promote your clients’ successes on Facebook.
  313. Use Facebook events to promote online and offline events.
  314. Do you see people you know when you go to visit Facebook Pages? They see you, too. Like Pages for branding.
  315. Twitter: Open a Twitter account.
  316. Advertise on Twitter with promoted tweets
  317. Advertise on Twitter with promoted accounts.
  318. Share valuable industry information.
  319. Follow and ask questions of influencers in your industry
  320. Use Hootsuite to plan and pre-load tweets.
  321. After preplanned tweets are released, always follow up to answer questions.
  322. Thank people who retweet your stuff.
  323. Ask customers to tweet your products.
  324. Find out how far your tweets reach with Tweetreach.com.
  325. Share insider tips using Twitter.
  326. Become an industry expert using Twitter.
  327. Host a #hashtag chat.
  328. Promote someone else all day on Twitter.
  329. Create an interesting banner for your Twitter account.
  330. Thank people for retweets.
  331. Ask questions of your Twitter followers with Polldaddy.com.
  332. Keep Twitter lists of industry influencers.
  333. Use your real name if possible.
  334. Use Twitter #Discover to find the latest information on almost any topic.
  335. Follow back (if it’s not a spammy account).
  336. Make sure your Twitter biography is full helpful information about you.
  337. LinkedIn: Open a LinkedIn account.
  338. Completely fill out your LinkedIn profile.
  339. Update your skills and expertise page regularly with good keywords.
  340. Use LinkedIn search to find decision makers at target companies.
  341. Share positive business news on LinkedIn.
  342. Endorse people you respect on LinkedIn.
  343. Get a vanity URL on LinkedIn.
  344. Request that your human resources (HR) department use LinkedIn for recruiting.
  345. Join LinkedIn Groups
  346. Review LinkedIn statistics before joining LinkedIn groups.
  347. Share videos on LinkedIn.
  348. Claim your LinkedIn business page.   
  349. Review your competitor’s LinkedIn page.
  350. Review who your friends know on LinkedIn.
  351. Ask for testimonials on LinkedIn.
  352. Host a LinkedIn party.
  353. Look for new talent on LinkedIn.
  354. Customize and read your LinkedIn Today news for the latest information on your industry.
  355. Advertise on LinkedIn.
  356. Ask questions of marketing professionals in groups and LinkedIn Answers.
  357. Take a poll about your product, service or industry on LinkedIn.
  358. Print and keep a copy of your LinkedIn resume accessible.
  359. Introduce your work to your LinkedIn community with Google Presentations.
  360. Use LinkedIn apps to make your account more useful.
  361. Connect with people you meet at networking events within 24 hours.
  362. Look for lost clients and reintroduce yourself.
  363. YouTube: Create a YouTube channel.
  364. Skin (brand) your YouTube channel.
  365. Fill in the YouTube description completely for your videos.
  366. Place a link to your website in your video descriptions.
  367. Fill in your video tags.
  368. Create a testimonial video for your website.
  369. Share your videos on other social media.
  370. Create how-to videos related to your product or service.
  371. Create behind-the-scenes videos.
  372. Review your YouTube audience retention  analytics. How long do people watch your videos?
  373. Create a funny video.
  374. Network with other YouTube channels.
  375. Review the demographics of your video watchers to make sure your attracting the right viewers.
  376. Test YouTube Annotations with your videos.
  377. Respond to the people who comment on your videos. (Positively, of course.)
  378. Make sure you have contact information on your videos.
  379. Use the YouTube editing features to combine your best videos.
  380. Keep your videos under 2 minutes.  Less is better and never more than 5 minutes unless it’s an event.
  381. Respond to news via YouTube.
  382. Create an entertaining website introduction video.
  383. Google+: Fill in your Google + profile.
  384. Collaborate using Google hangouts.
  385. Share your photographs on Google +.
  386. Create a regular broadcast video show using a Google hangout.
  387. Make sure your Google.com/places page is complete.
  388. Create a Google+ business page.
  389. Create events on Google+.
  390. Follow trends on Google+.
  391. Share your best videos on Google+.
  392. Use Google+ circles as a segmenting tool.
  393. Create a circle dedicated to your clients and share focused and relevant information with them.
  394. Play a few games on Google + to relieve stress.
  395. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your website.
  396. Blog for better website SEO.
  397. Set up subdomains to create targeted microsites.
  398. Set up your Google webmaster tools account.
  399. Review your click-through rate for organic search with webmaster tools.
  400. Ask Google to remove bad links to your website in webmaster tools.
  401. Look for good keywords with Google.com/trends.
  402. Keep track of your SEO rankings with Positionly.com.
  403. Use the SEO tool from SEOmoz.
  404. Make sure your <title> tag is about what you do, not who you are.
  405. Write a new blog post every day.
  406. Every page is a new opportunity to be found.
  407. Read SEObook for good SEO information.
  408. Read Google search blog for updated algorithm adjustments.
  409. Follow Google’s Matt Cutts.
  410. Don’t stuff (use too many times) keywords in your headlines and pages.
  411. Understand how to use Rich Snippets.
  412. Use  the description tag to tell people why they should click your link.
  413. Comment on blog posts.
  414. Create one webpage for each of your products or services.
  415. Use internal links to connect to other good content on your website.
  416. Keep track of the increase in search traffic during your SEO campaign.
  417. Keep track of your website keyword yield (number of keywords used to find your site).
  418. Exchange links with vendors.
  419. Use Google instant to find good keywords.
  420. Check out your competitor’s traffic with Compete.com.
  421. Share photos on Flickr Creative Commons and ask to attribute to your website if used.
  422. Don’t copy or steal content from other websites.
  423. Don’t forget the importance of local search.
  424. Use <H1> tags effectively. (1 or 2 times per webpage.)
  425. Don’t buy links.
  426. Submit your website to directories. (Make sure they are reputable.)
  427. Don’t forget about longtail keywords created by people speaking to their smart phones. (Siri)
  428. Create link bait (Cool things people link to.)
  429. Improve your website speed.
  430. Compress your website images for faster opening.
  431. Don’t use a lot of Flash on your website.
  432. SEM: Test search engine marketing (SEM) for your business.
  433. Always create a focused landing page for your SEM campaigns.
  434. Try Bing advertising.
  435. Try Yahoo advertising.
  436. Keep your SEM landing pages simple.
  437. Test your SEM landing pages with A/B tests (test multiple versions of your web pages).
  438. Use Google’s the keyword tool to find keywords for SEM (and SEO).
  439. Target companies or people with whom you want to work.
  440. Consider scheduling ads only at the most productive times of the day. (Test to find out when that is.)
  441. Consider geographical ads and a local SEM focus.
  442. Test creative headlines.
  443. Use testimonial quotes on your landing pages.
  444. Use negative keywords.
  445. Use Spyfu.com to keep track of your competition (keywords).
  446. Use the AdWords editor.
  447. More general Marketing: repurpose your content.
  448. Ask a friend for referrals.
  449. Create a company mascot.
  450. Review industry-related books on Amazon.
  451. Subscribe to RSS feeds to keep up on the latest information from your industry experts.
  452. Create an affiliate program.
  453. Hold a photography contest.
  454. Personally call your customers to introduce a new product.
  455. Create lawn signs for customers to display.
  456. Return phone calls within two hours.
  457. Create a text message campaign.
  458. Create a game.
  459. Offer referral rewards to clients.
  460. Read the Longtail by Chris Anderson.
  461. Sponsor a charity event.
  462. Live stream using a web camera and offer a discount when you business mascot is displayed in the video.
  463. Submit your product to a home shopping channel.
  464. Take a successful business person to lunch.
  465. Advertise how your company is going green.
  466. Create a downloadable version of your company brochure.
  467. Network with business owners on your street or in your building.
  468. Create an industry-specific workshop.
  469. Rent a booth at a trade show.
  470. Start your own trade show.
  471. Buy space on related-industry websites.
  472. Update your Instagram website account.
  473. Talk to people while waiting in line.
  474. Don’t copy, improve.
  475. Make it easy for people to give you referrals.
  476. Don’t send spam.
  477. Update every employee photograph.
  478. If you want a person’s attention, write about him or her.
  479. Never stop thinking about what’s next.
  480. Take time to write down new ideas every day.
  481. Use Google alerts to keep track of your competition.
  482. Submit you competitor’s website to Google reader to track website changes.
  483. Ask your lowest-ranking employees what would they do differently.
  484. Create a customer privacy policy.
  485. Improve your website shopping cart for a better experience.
  486. Understand your sales funnel (the process in which you make sales).
  487. Never believe “good enough” is good enough.
  488. Apologize first.
  489. Create a biography sheet for all your employees.
  490. Send thank you cards for Thanksgiving.
  491. Update your corporate look every five years.
  492. Work on overcoming your fear of cold calling.
  493. Create a cold call script.
  494. Teach your vendors how describe your best product or service.
  495. Create a co-op advertising group.
  496. Offer an exclusive online club for your best clients and customers.
  497. Introduce your self to seatmates on airplanes.
  498. Make it to easy embed your information on other websites.
  499. Support top colleges in your industry.
  500. Organize a Tweet-up.
  501. Organize your business and marketing projects using Basecamp. 
  502. Submit your products or services for awards.
  503. Create an easily accessible downloadable v-card for clients.
  504. Share your photos on 500px.com/.
  505. Create a Flickr group and develop a community.
  506. Open a So.cl account as social search option.
  507. Sell the experience.
  508. Give away flash drives with your portfolio or information.
  509. Create a company video intro in Adobe after effects.
  510. Don’t use white envelopes. Stand out with color.
  511. Pay your invoices within 24 hours. (The word will get around.)
  512. Use a call tracking service and analyze what works.
  513. Post special offers on your invoices.
  514. Share good books with your clients.
  515. Advertise in the Yellow Pages. Yes, people still use it. Test first.
  516. Create a live Ustream program.
  517. Create a program on Livestream. 
  518. Ask people why they unsubscribed to your email list.
  519. Keep marketing materials in your car at all times.
  520. Read Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds before you give your next presentation.
  521. Subscribe to Mitch Joel’s blog and podcast.
  522. Search for your prospect’s point of pain.
  523. Keep a good list of PR websites, such as PRweb.com.
  524. Create a free Internet service for your industry.
  525. They don’t care how long you’ve been in business.
  526. Don’t tell people how good your service is, show them.
  527. Ask the sales team what is working and what they need.
  528. Invite good clients for product previews.
  529. Use the link shortener http://su.pr so followers can easily Stumble your content.
  530. Don’t decide how much your prospects can afford.
  531. Create a wiki.
  532. Share your biography at Vizify.com/ (Thanks for the tip,  socialmesavvy).
  533. Create your own branded link shortener.
  534. Share your expertise on Quora.com.
  535. Share what events you will be attending in the social media so people will look for you.
  536. Use Google docs to take surveys.
  537. Offer to be interviewed on a podcast.
  538. Develop a standard product or service pre-launch plan.
  539. Speak at a local school on career day.
  540. Say yes to every interview request.
  541. Treat employees well. (They will spread the good word about your company.)
  542. Open a Myspace account. (Really)
  543. Storyboard your business ideas.
  544. Research a publisher to publish your book idea.
  545. Start a Pinterest business page. 
  546. Host an archive day on Twitter.
  547. Embed your Tweets on your blog or website.
  548. Encourage people to subscribe to you on Facebook (rather than try to friend you).
  549. Use IFTTT for cross posting.
  550. Don’t talk religion or politics on your public social media.
  551. Discover your client’s favorite sports teams.
  552. Review how others view your online profiles (Do this by signing out.)
  553. Use a unique material for your business cards. (wood, metal etc.)
  554. Explore new fonts.
  555. Host a birthday party for your best customer.
  556. Monitor misinformation about your brand and company on the Internet.
  557. Discover trends in comments about your company.
  558. People who love your product or service will not help you improve. Follow your haters.
  559. Understand your value proposition.
  560. Listen to motivational speakers for new ideas.
  561. Start an in-house newsletter.
  562. Keep good records.
  563. Make sure your marketing and sales team have a good line of communication.
  564. Watch your website visitor’s patterns in real-time with Google Analytics
  565. Set up your Google Analytics to be emailed to key team members monthly.
  566. Keep a camera with you all the time for blogs, documentation and presentations.
  567. Crowd source new ideas for your business.
  568. Move to a more visible location.
  569. Keep old domains; they can be useful in the future.
  570. Share and connect with your clients with Dropbox. 
  571. Religious institutions are a great place to network. (Do so with class and respect.)
  572. Host a private webinar on Skype.com.
  573. Use Mint.com to budget your marketing  (and business) activities.
  574. Keep marketing materials in the cloud (Dropbox, Evernote, Springpad, Google drive etc.) so your team can access them any time.
  575. Easily create an app for your special event with Yapp.us
  576. Create a quick custom website from your iPhone with Zapd.
  577. Experiment with new ideas every day.
  578. Learn to delegate.
  579. Sell a special edition of your product on eBay.
  580. Use Pinterest for design inspiration.
  581. Listen to Rosh Sillars’ Creative Marketing Podcast.
  582. Check out what Thismoment.com can do for your brand.
  583. Use Jigsaw to find more business leads.
  584. Work smarter.
  585. Ask for the sale.
  586. Create a new value proposition for your brand.
  587. Create a premium version.
  588. Plan every day for a month.
  589. Call your oldest client and ask if service has improved through the years.
  590. Search for new markets.
  591. Make marketing fun for your team.
  592. Do a spontaneous product demo in pubic.
  593. Email reporters in advance letting them know to expect a press release.
  594. Hire a marketing firm.
  595. Test a small mail list first.
  596. Define your business and client project scopes clearly.
  597. Over deliver.
  598. Notice your customer trends.
  599. Make failure OK.
  600. Ask for help when needed.
  601. Avoid buzzwords and industry jargon.
  602. Compliment five people each day.
  603. Think quality when developing your business network.
  604. Don’t use web hosts for your professional email (such as Hotmail, Google, Yahoo).
  605. Pick a random company and create a marketing plan. (You might learn something in the process.)
  606. Order a vanity license plate for your company car.
  607. Send flowers or a gift to your client’s assistants as a thank you.
  608. Where do you want to be five years from now?
  609. Read market research studies.
  610. Read the Duct Tape Marketing blog (and listen to the podcast).
  611. Barter for marketing opportunities.
  612. Offer a financing plan.
  613. Update your media list every six months.
  614. Keep a portfolio of your published work on your tablet, smart phone, or in a binder.
  615. Keep a press kit on our desktop for easy access.
  616. Take clients to sporting events.
  617. Paint your building a memorable color.
  618. Keep outside signs fresh and updated.
  619. Advertise on a billboard.
  620. Teach a class at a local college.
  621. Watch the Green Sprout Forum every Monday at noon EST.
  622. Start your own Green Sprout Forum.
  623. Work on decreasing your turnaround time.
  624. Display your awards in a prominent location.
  625. Register as an author on Amazon.com. (If  you write books and ebooks.)
  626. Keep your place of business clean. It does make an impression.
  627. Hire an intern.
  628. Create your own cable TV show.
  629. Bacon makes everything better. (Use fake if needed).
  630. Give a surprise thank you.
  631. Send an audio file thank you.
  632. Organize a BarCamp.
  633. Place a coupon in a local publication.
  634. Test coupon headlines.
  635. Celebrate the completion of a big projects with clients.
  636. Brainstorm with coworkers.
  637. Create new solutions to old problems. (Build a better mouse trap.)
  638. Carry the business cards of valuable networking partners.
  639. Create a profile on KnowEm.com
  640. Consider the Freemium business model.
  641. Try Newsjacking.
  642. Send employees to industry conferences and seminars.
  643. Ask employees if they would hire your company or use your products.(Why or why not?)
  644. Try open-source software like OpenOffice.org.
  645. Reward employees.
  646. Create a meme.
  647. Use humor in your marketing.
  648. Host an Angry Birds contest.
  649. Create a business plan.
  650. Create a social media policy handbook.
  651. Train your employees live using Skype or Google hangouts.
  652. Record online training using YouTube or Vimeo.
  653. Figure out what content you should create with Percolate.com
  654. Use available data for predictive marketing.
  655. Create an internal social network.
  656. Email is not dead.
  657. Use Salesforce.com for customer management.
  658. Monitor your brand with Brandwatch.com.
  659. Share your business videos using Viddler.com
  660. Use Crazyegg.com to track how visitors use your website.
  661. Try Woopra.com for real-time website analytics.
  662. Coin a new word or phrase for you industry.
  663. Adopt a highway.
  664. Network with other bloggers.
  665. Bundle your products.
  666. Build a Mastermind group.
  667. Bundle your services.
  668. Add a new product color.
  669. Hold a grand opening.
  670. Hold a pay what you want promotion.
  671. Advertise on a bus.
  672. Learn how to write good, long-form sales letters.
  673. Sex sells.
  674. Give away branded temporary tattoos.
  675. Create a downloadable Top 10 list.
  676. Host a forum.
  677. Answer questions in a forum. (Be the expert.)
  678. Go to a network after work event. (I’ve found them very effective.)
  679. Have a returned or broken items sale.
  680. Host a local business card display page on your website.
  681. Find places to guest blog on Myblogguest.com.
  682. Host a friends and family sale.
  683. Consider a publicity stunt. (Be sure to think it through.)
  684. Produce a documentary on the company founder or president.
  685. Give surprise upgrades.
  686. Make it easy to contact you.
  687. Use a virtual assistant.
  688. Become a local community resource.
  689. Collect important online information with Diigo.com.
  690. Learn from your critics.
  691. Use Share This to make is easier for people to share your content.
  692. Hire multilingual and multicultural people.
  693. Give customers a really good reason to come back.
  694. Add value and raise your prices.
  695. Understand the lifetime value of your customer.
  696. What does an unhappy customer really cost you?
  697. Remember more than 80 percent of sales are made after first the five brand exposures to the prospect.
  698. People don’t buy from people you don’t like.
  699. Don’t work in your business, work on your business.
  700. What is your and?
  701. Make a list of your strengths.
  702. Hire a consultant.
  703. Share photos of you taken with well-known people.
  704. Let clients know you would like to serve them again.
  705. Limit the amount of time you watch your stats.  Be productive.
  706. Hire a telemarketer.
  707. Advertise in local bulletins.
  708. Connect with people in local forums.
  709. Comment on national news sites.
  710. Create a referral thank you plan. Make receiving a referral a big deal.
  711. Create a clear, easy-to-read and understandable employee handbook.
  712. Encourage customers to leave online reviews of your products and services.
  713. Use Google voice for your phone number.
  714. Don’t use bullet points in presentations.
  715. Follow up complex email questions with a phone call.
  716. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well in emails.
  717. Rejection isn’t bad.
  718. Ask for introductions rather than referrals.
  719. Talk to everyone.
  720. Learn how to give and receive compliments.
  721. Do your homework before meeting a prospect for the first time. (At least review their website.)
  722. Look for product placement opportunities.
  723. You only have seconds to get the attention of viewers on your website.
  724. Average ideas earn average results.
  725. Why would someone hire you?
  726. Give gift cards as rewards.
  727. Wear a bowtie.
  728. Wear a unique hat.
  729. Create unique or memorable thank you cards.
  730. Offer your customers easy-to-remember talking points to share your story.
  731. Arrive early.
  732. Follow up on referrals immediately.
  733. Don’t leave money on the table.
  734. You can’t make up negative profit in volume.
  735. Refresh yourself with play time.
  736. Act like you are talking to a friend with your ad copy.
  737. Believe in what you are selling or don’t sell it.
  738. Read The War of Art.
  739. Engage in one marketing activity every day.
  740. Follow the newsmakers section of your newspaper for opportunites.
  741. Join a trade association.
  742. Make at least five cold calls to start your day.
  743. Never cold call again.
  744. Read The Tipping Point.
  745. Wear a customized name tag to all events.
  746. Develop the habit of introducing people; they will remember you for this.
  747. Question everything you are doing.
  748. Purchase your competition’s product or service. (How was the experience?)
  749. Create your own social media community with Ning.com.
  750. Set goals with 43things.com.
  751. Back up your business and marketing data using the 3-2-1 rule.
  752. Learn from your competition’s mistakes.
  753. Google your competition’s customers.
  754. Fire your worst client.
  755. Update your virus software.
  756. When pitching to an investor,  clearly explain the return on investment.
  757. Keep your ego under control.
  758. Never quote a project price over the phone.
  759. Be an industry thought leader.
  760. You don’t have to be billionaire. Really.
  761. Find a mentor.
  762. Contact SCORE to connect with a volunteer business consultant.
  763. Reconcile your accounts weekly.
  764. Be a visible leader to your employees and customers.
  765. You will make mistakes.
  766. Be positive.
  767. It will never be perfect.
  768. Don’t burn bridges.
  769. There is no second impression.
  770.  Go to a networking event and only talk to insurance professionals, real estate agents, and financial advisers. (They know a lot of people.)
  771. Visit unrelated professional organization events.
  772. Understand and keep positive cash flow.
  773. Focus your marketing on your most profitable prospects.
  774. Create an awesome annual report.
  775. Listen to the Hobson & Holtz report at Forimmediaterelease.biz.
  776. Everyday is an opportunity to refresh and begin again.
  777. Create a list of 777 business and marketing ideas.

Thank you to Matt Donahue for encouraging me to get to 777.

Feel free to link to and share this list.

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