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This blog and podcast is about digital marketing, social media, photography and solving your combination code.  Although Rosh does share a lot of information directed toward photographers, all creative business professionals are welcome.

Rosh Sillars is a veteran photographer with a photojournalism background specializing in people, food and interiors. He earned his BFA in photography at the College of Creative Studies (CCS), Detroit.  Rosh offers his services to traditional media, digital media and corporate clients.  He owns the creative representation firm The Rosh Group, Inc. and is a retired (currently) university instructor.  Sillars owns and consults for his marketing and social media company Rosh Media.

Rosh started his first podcast (audio over the internet) in 1999 on business tips hosted on the Rosh.com web site. His first social media business relationship began in 1997.  Sillars co-hosted the prosperous artists podcast and blog with writer Dean Ladouceur beginning March of 2007.  Rosh combined his two passions new media and photography to host NewMediaphotographer.com (June 2008- Sept 2011).  He continues to podcast at roshsillars.com. Other related projects include Citynet Magazine (print and online magazine 2000-2001) and mysuccessradio.com (Internet audio portal 2003-2004). He is author of One Hour Photographer (April 2012), two Wiley Digital Field Guides  and the coauthor of the book The Linked Photographers guide to marketing and social media Published by Cengage Learning May 2010.

Hire Rosh to speakHe speaks internationally on the topics of photography, market hacking, digital marketing, The Combination Code and finding your And. If you are interested in having Rosh Sillars speak at your event please contact via email or call our office 248 677 1080.

Below are links to Rosh’s portfolios:

Detroit people and portrait photographer

Food photography – Rosh Sillars food photography portfolio.
People photography Rosh Sillars people photography portfolio
Interior photography – Rosh Sillars interior photography portfolio

Rosh Sillars
The Rosh Group Inc.
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248 677 1080

email: rosh@rosh.media

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