I Was Almost Killed Doing This Type Of Photography

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2016)


Photography by Rosh Sillars — This is a photograph from the demolition assignment.


A life moment

Detroit is in the process of taking down old buildings. A few years ago a construction company hired me to photograph their progress dismantling an old Detroit school. One of the photographs almost ended my life.

I have a portfolio of moments which have affected my life. We all have moments which we can reflect and say, wow, I’m lucky I made it. Admit it, there is more than one moment in your life. You may ask why you are alive? In some cases people you know didn’t make it.  It’s OK that you are still here, you have more work to do. All that matters is you make the best of today.

Not all such moments are negative. Life moments may be any time which seem to change your life direction, offers a moment to pause and reflect. It’s a chance meeting, a lucky turn or whim. The right person called at exactly the best time. Still, you can’t wonder what if it didn’t happen. When you spend too much time wondering what if or why, you dilute the opportunity giving to you.

Back to my assignment. The owner of the company had an interesting idea. He asked the driver of a front loader to pick up an I beam so I could photograph it at an interesting angle against the demolition background.

The beam seemed sturdy on the claws of the shovel. I photographed many angles. I started photographing more of an up angle, almost underneath. I was about to take one more step forward and through my lens I saw the beam wiggle, just a little. I paused, step back and the large steel beam landed on the spot I was standing moments before.

I looked back at the owner and associate standing next to him. They didn’t seem phased. I just saw forty plus years of my life flash by. I’m lucky.

You are lucky every day too. You have opportunities other people don’t. You can’t have yesterday again and you can only prepare for tomorrow. However, today is the day you must give your all. You don’t know if you will make it across the street the next day. It’s impossible to tell who may refer your services or who you might meet in the line at the grocery store.

I do think about good and bad life moments. Well, only for a moment and then I let them go, quickly. If I don’t, I’ll get stuck wondering if only or why me rather than what do I need to do now.

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