Amazing Ideas To Create Brand Awareness With Facebook

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2018)
Facebook awareness photographers
Photo by David Martyn Hunt

Lets Face it, Facebook is the standard when it comes to photographers sharing their work. Obviously, Instagram also has solid placement in our social media action plan. However, Facebook is where most people in the world go to connect. You should be there too.

You may hate Facebook. You are not alone. Unfortunately, for those who despise the platform, many of our best prospects love it and check in everyday. When it comes to developing awareness of your work, it’s still important to share regularly on Facebook.

There are three main areas you can focus when it comes to the use of Facebook. Your personal account, Facebook pages and groups. Each has its benefits. I have a series (below) of three videos which talk about each option. Note: the videos do play in order.

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Your Facebook personal account is where you start. This is where you find your family, friends and associates. I don’t recommend you sell directly to them. However, you are in a lucky position because you’re a photographer. You can share your work daily which reminds the people who know and like you that you are a talented photographer.

However, you can go beyond just sharing your photographs. Share stories about your adventures, explain how you solve problems for your clients. Creatively champion your clients, events, product or service. For some, education is the answer. Position yourself as a local community photography expert by answering questions about your craft.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook spent much effort to get us to create business pages, however, in the end, they have throttled our connection to people who like our pages. Only about 2% of the people who like our photography business pages actually see our updates. However, there are some things you can do.

For example, develop ways to get people to like, comment and share on your important updates as you release them. Every action on your page helps Facebook determine if it should share your post with more of your community. So, make a coordinated effort.

Be sure to tell people they can increase the number of updates they see by clicking the see first button under the follow button below the page banner (demo in the videos). Of course, advertising is the most important reason you have a Facebook page. Facebook has a brand awareness option for your ads. This option allows as many people (impressions) to see your ad as possible, based on your budget, although you many not receive as many clicks.

Facebook Groups

If you wish to develop a community around your expertise, I recommend you crate a Facebook group. If I have a choice between creating community on a Facebook Page or a Group, Facebook Groups win every time.

Facebook is still a powerful platform to increase awareness of your business and you as a photographer. Take the time to review all the tools and opportunities available to you.

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