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(Last Updated On: March 18, 2018)

YouTube Photography Pricing Channel

Pricing Photography Channel

One year ago today, I began my journey to create a daily marketing  strategies YouTube channel. However, before I began the adventure, I was working on a pricing course for photographers. I used YouTube as a location to store my webinars, which later supported my 2017 photography pricing article. One year later, after creating hundreds of videos and learning the ins and outs of YouTube, it’s time to circle back. Today, I launch my pricing for photographers channel (subscribe here).

I switched my main pricing webinar from my old channel to the new channel and I launch today with the first new video below — the cost of doing business, which is the starting point to help you find your price. (email subscribers click here)

Seriously? An entire Channel About Pricing!

The number one traffic driver for this business and marketing blog for photographers is not social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising or best business practices. It’s photography pricing. Second place is a mile behind.

There are many blog posts, podcasts and YouTube videos on the topic. However, there isn’t a single resource dedicated to the concept and strategies of photography pricing (to my knowledge). What I see is high demand, with minimal competition. Now that’s an opportunity to serve my photographic community.

You may be thinking, how many videos can one make on the topic of photography pricing? Well, when I sat down to write a list, I came up with 120 topics to start. Honestly, it’s a big important topic for photographers who wish to make photography their career. Plus, there are a ton of supporting topics I can address, as the channel gains momentum. Not to mention, your questions.

I see more white board sessions, expert interviews and many of my signature ,short, walk up to the camera, single line videos — I like creating them.

Who Made Rosh Sillars The Pricing Expert?

I write this with all humility. You did, the photography community. It wasn’t my plan when I first wrote my pricing article in 2012 (for 2013). My chosen industry role is to support photographers with social media and marketing ideas. However, the well over six figures of people who read my pricing articles every year lets me know, they find my insight valuable.

Let me be clear. I struggle with pricing too. We all do. There is no perfect price or right answer for every photography job or assignment. There are many layers, such as, your cost of doing business, production expenses, use of the images and your brand value.  And don’t forget the the toughest, emotional value.

I don’t have the answer for every photography pricing question. Fortunately, I do have the experience, tools and resources to offer helpful information to support photographers with considerations and options, while they work through the pricing process. More important, I’m sure I’ll continue to learn from you in the comments, tweets and emails I receive.

Why Share Such Competitive Knowledge?

One of my favorite stories is from photographer Blake Discher. During the early days of the Internet and digital revolution, Blake noticed a pricing trend in the Detroit event photography market. Photographers, especially new photographers, were charging less than 1/2 the traditional event rates. Blake is a well-respected photographer in the Detroit area, so, he decided to post his corporate photography rates online.

Word got out, and local photographers began to use his postings as guidelines. This includes, yours truly. Side note: I’ve personally learned a lot from Blake through the years, as well as, Judy Herrmann, John Harrington and the late Susan Carr.

It was not long before the average event rate returned to a more traditional range. I assume Blake’s thinking was I rather compete against a photographer 10% cheaper and try to win the opportunity with a solid portfolio. Rather than bid against a photographer half my rate.

Blake helped to strengthen the Detroit photography community, by sharing information. He didn’t tell people what to do, he offered tools to help guide other photographers to make better decisions.

It’s the same philosophy which drives me to create such a resource. Everyday new photographers come online. Everyday photographers go out of business. One of the biggest factors behind photographer business failure, is not understanding the value of their work.

Moving Forward

This channel is a year in the making. I kick it off today with great enthusiasm. It will not take long for the channel to load up with helpful tips and answers to your questions. I hope to make it a standard go-to resource for our photography industry. This will only happen if you bring your questions, insights and participation to the community. I look forward to seeing you there.

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