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(Last Updated On: November 24, 2009)

Jack Hollingsworth has been a major champion of Twitter since opening his account in February 2009. Since then he has earned many fans and more than 10,000 followers.  This month, he started a new blog.

Jack is a well-known, top stock photographer.  Over the last couple years the stock photography market followed the financial stock market – off a cliff.  The only difference is that the photo stock market doesn’t seem to be recovering.

Hollingsworth is a serial entrepreneur who looks for opportunities around every corner.  Jack has embraced the chance to teach what he knows about successful portraiture and stock photography.  His new blog is living up to its potential.

Cleverly, Jack starts each post with “I am.”  Sample headlines include: I am cool, I am laughter, I am simple and I am home.  Below each headline are sample pictures, analyses and commentary related to the theme of the day.

He is doing it right.  If you know @photojack on Twitter you know he is an educator, people connector and champions others to their benefit.  As a result, over the last year he has become one of the biggest photography-related social media names on the Net.  It reminds me of the saying: You can’t spray perfume on others without getting a little on yourself.

Jack’s blog serves as a great educational tool. It introduces more people to his quality images and ability to teach others his craft.  He uses key words that make it easier for search engines, especially Google images, to find his work.

If you are looking for inspiration and insight,  I highly recommend Jack Hollingsworth’s new blog.


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