Rejection isn’t bad

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2012)

I hate rejection.

With that said, the more rejection I receive, the more successful I become.  The most famous photographers, writers and artists have been rejected many times.  Even after you are well-known, the rejection doesn’t stop.  There are just more people to reject you.

If you want to build a career, you must take risks and risks lead to the possibility of failure.  If you manage your failures well you can take advantage of the successes.  If you learn from your failures, you will find over time you have more successes than failures.  If you are surrounded by people who love you and say nothing but good things about your work, you are not learning.

The best way to deal with rejection is to remember your successes no matter how many or how small.

I have people reject my photography all the time.  Fortunately, I have a lot of photographic success under my belt and I understand with every one person who doesn’t care for what I do, I’ll find many who do appreciate my work.   I learned this through experience, which I would not have if I didn’t grow from all of the rejection I received early in my career.

It was only five years ago when I branched out into the world as a digital marketing professional.  I discovered there were a lot of people who didn’t believe my pitch.  I became very defensive.  How dare they reject me.  Unfortunately, I only had theory and personal experience to back up my claims; I got mad when my quiver was empty.

Over time I related this experience to my early days of photography.  I needed the experience of objections and rejection to know what people are looking for. Today I have many successful campaigns and experiences with SEO, social media and digital marketing. Today when I’m faced with a prospect in doubt, I’m much more relaxed.  I know what I offer works and I don’t have to fear rejection.

I figure if someone does not embrace my ideas, I’m not doing a very good job communicating what I know will benefit their company.  I also understand that I can’t convince everyone or be the right solution for the masses.  I’m not the best fit for every business owner, prospect or buyer.  Neither are you.

Get out there and take risks.  Collect your wins. Learn from your loses and then let them go.


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