Being Busy Can Hurt Your Photography Business

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

I know a lot of busy people. Yet, many of them are not very successful. The unsuccessful busy people have not learned an important lesson. Busy does not equal success.

I’m not suggesting busy photographers are not successful. I know some very busy and successful photographers. There are times, I can’t keep up. No complaints here. However, I know people who spend a lot of time doing stuff which doesn’t help their business – yet they are busy!

The list of bad busy stuff is long. It’s easier to share the things which are helpful for your photography business.

Good activities for the photographer:

  1. Photograph for clients
  2. Photograph for your portfolio
  3. Efficient photographic production
  4. Networking to met new prospects
  5. Engage in marketing activities
  6. Delivering final products to clients
  7. Invoice clients

Some of you may think education should be on the list. I love eduction, however, some photographers over do it. They attend every conference, read about every photography topic and ask many questions of their fellow photographers. As an educator, I think these photographers are great — many of them keep the education industry in business. Eduction is extremely important, yet, if a photographer does not act on the seven things above, their business will fail.

Below is a video I created on the topic. Let me know what you think and what you might add to the list of good photography business activities.

Video Link:

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