I encourage you to comment!  Even short comments are acceptable.  Feel free to promote your personal or commercial web sites, blogs and flickr groups. Please keep comments, topics and links relevant to the blog post. The limit is two links per comment.  This is an open community of sharing photography, marketing, digital and social media ideas.

Obvious spam, rude comments and bad language will not be tolerated and will be deleted.  If you feel I have unfairly deleted a comment or post, please contact me.

This is my definition of a spam comment: A comment that contains generic information, response or statements containing a link leading to an unrelated product, service, blog or web site.

Thank you for being apart of our photography, marketing and creative business community. If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me, I don’t bite.

Reviews and Disclosure:

Rosh Sillars is open to reviewing photography, social media, digital marketing and technology products and services.  Please mail items to the address listed below.  E-mail advance inquiries or links to products or services to [email protected].  Please address inquires to Rosh or  Rosh Sillars.  Inquiries directed to  Hi, hello, editor, blogger or podcaster may be overlooked or ignored.

Product review policy: Rosh does not accept paid endorsements or advertisements for the Rosh Sillars blog or podcast.  Rosh does accept sponsors for his speaking which may be mentioned on the podcast. We do not guarantee reviews.  Rosh will offer his personal opinion on products and services. He will only publish information he feels is worthy of sharing.  The Rosh Sillars blog or podcast will provide links to all items reviewed. Rosh does promote and link to his products and services such as books, CDs, consulting, seminars, workshops and audio products.  Some links from roshsillars.com to Amazon.com and other products or services websites are affiliate links.  Rosh insists on high standards when considering affiliates or business partners.

If a product for consideration does not have a return address or return postage — it will not be returned.

Speaking: Rosh does accept paid and sponsored speaking opportunities that may be mentioned on a podcast.

Rosh Sillars
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