How to create awareness for your business

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2014)

Who knows you?

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One of the first steps when developing your brand is to create awareness. In the past this could cost thousands, if not millions of dollars to create a little recognition. Today, creating awareness for your business doesn’t have to cost as much. It’s not because advertising isn’t expensive, it is often a costly investment. Fortunately, advertising in the digital age is highly targeted and focused. It’s easier to get in front of the people who most likely care about what you offer.

The name of the game is repetition or frequency. Studies are all over the board related to how many times someone must see your name or logo for it to be instantly recognizable or remembered. The numbers range between seven and fifteen times. As you are reading this you may have no idea what my name is, although, it’s at the top of this page. If you have read my blog multiple times and found value in my posts; you are more likely to click if you see my name online. The same goes for my photography. You want people to become familiar, trust and be comfortable with you and your company.

Traditional Awareness Advertising

You have a few ways to approach awareness advertising. Traditionally, Billboards, TV and radio sent your message to the masses. If your product is for the masses, traditional advertising is still an expensive, but viable option.

Direct mail effectiveness is coming back in many industries. I recommend a postcard over a letter. In my opinion, people don’t read enclosed advertising letters. A postcard is viewed and assessed before the prospect keeps it or throws the card away. At least your logo, image or message receives a view.

Digital Awareness Advertising

Google is a good option for awareness or branding digital advertising. You can create an ad and display it on national blogs and media sites viewed only by people in a specific zip code, city, state or country. Some of my small campaigns have received well over 100,000 ad views for fifty dollars. These campaigns are focused on people within one or two zip codes. That means a lot of people in concentrated area saw my message.

You can create focused awareness campaigns in Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest or all the above. Many of these services give you the option to pay-per-click (PPC) or by the thousand impressions. Generally for an awareness campaign you use the per thousand impressions option. The goal of these campaigns are not to earn high click-through-rates or even make a sale. You can earn a sale during an awareness campaign, but the goal is to get your brand in front of as many eyeballs as possible for the dollars spent.

For a small business, it is best to start your campaigns within your zip code and gradually build. You can also run other PPC campaigns designed for clicks and conversions after or with your awareness campaign.

Once people know who you are, it’s important to create an excellent reputation for your brand. Your brand is not your logo, it’s your reputation. You want people to think positive thoughts and feel good when they see a representation of your brand or logo. That comes with how you do business.

Here is a link to a post on how to create an effective awareness campaign with Facebook. 

How do you create awareness?

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