Do you hashtag?

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2009)


Neil Creek wrote a good post for Digital Photography School not too long ago about photography hashtags used on Twitter.  I’ve used hashtags, but not to their full potential.  Below are a few ideas you might find powerful.

Hashtagging means you placed a # in front of a key word in Twitter.  This simplifies the search for specific topics, conversations or events within Twitter search. For example if you posted a tweet on photography, you could place a #photography hashtag at the end of the post to help signal people looking for interesting information on photography.

In his post,  Neil recommends that you standardize an additional four tags: photo, photog, photogs and camera. I’ve adopted all four and find them gaining steam in the Twitterverse. 

A great addition to the power of Twitter with hashtags is the ability to create an RSS feed. You can subscribe to Twitter searches, including hashtag searches, and place them in your favorite RSS reader.  I’ve found a number of good topics, including an interview with the son of Ansel Adams, which I wrote about last week. 

You can create your own hashtags for communication with your studio, company or friends.  As an example, #roshgroup could be for The Rosh Group communications. 

Often the simplest platforms are the most powerful. Twitter has been around a while, but really gained popularity in 2008.  Although none of my college students knew of Twitter at the beginning of the fall 2008  semester, I predict the platform will be fully mainstream by the end of 2009. 

If you have a blog, podcast or are trying to build a community.  You are doing yourself a disservice by not harnassing the power of this simple communication platform.


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