How To Drive Traffic To Your Photography Blog

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2017)

You work hard on your blog. After you press publish; first, you hope, people see your post. Second, it’s nice if some of your visitors become fans and followers of your work and, last, most important, a few buy or hire your services. Yet, the question is how do you get people to your blog?

There is more than one way. You have long-term and short-term options at your finger tips. Below is a video I created about driving traffic, check it out. (YouTube Link for email subscribers).

Photography SEO

When it comes to the SEO (search engine optimization) solution. Photographers have a tough job, because we don’t want to write. The idea is to show off our photographers. However, it’s important to share information about the photographs you post on your blog.

Offer a little back ground. Set up headlines related to the photograph, such as, location or subject. Under each headline and subhead write a detailed description. Also, don’t forget to fill out related keywords in your alt tags. Some blogging platforms have a keyword section, place additional keywords there too.

An important part of SEO is getting people to click on your headline when they see your post in the search engine results. If you more clicks and people stay on your page, the search engine reward you with a higher rank. This means an accurate, yet, engaging headline is important. Make it something your target audiences want to click.

Social Media

Social media is now a standard when it comes to driving traffic to your blog, however, it’s common to believe you can only share your post once. Not true. It certainly depends on the platform. For example, I might only share once on Facebook. However, Twitter is a firehose of Tweets, so, I might share a few times a day.

Even better, consider some of your older posts and repurpose them. Look back at some of your better posts from a few months ago and share them again. While people are on your blog, them may check out your latest work too.

It’s important to ask for emails. Email is an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog. You will notice, I have a pop-up asking your to subscribe on my blog. Before I installed the pop-up, I might average 1- 3 new sign-ups a week, now, I have new subscribers daily. Pop-ups work and I recommend you use them. Encourage people to subscribe to your blog with a special offer, such as a calendar, photography tips, or e-book of your work. A good percentage of the people who sign up for your blog will see your posts, go to your blog and some share your work in their social media.


If you really want to get your blog out there, build relationships. Find other photographers who are trying to find their audience too. Network and share each others work. You are stronger working together with a group of photographers to grow your business, than you are going it alone.


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