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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2018)
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Image by Dianne Lacourciere

Often, when people first start their search for a photographer, they are in the research phase. They look for styles, skill and prices. It is common for some photography buyers to not make a decision for a few days, weeks or months. So what happens after they leave your website. You spent time and effort getting them there with good SEO (search engine optimization). Is your opportunity for a new client lost?

Retargeting For SEO

Retargeting (or remarketing) is an effective way to keep your message in front of potential buyers after they leave your website. These are the ads which follow the visitor around the Internet after they visit your website. It helps keep your work top of mind and gives you the option to send custom messages to people who visit specific pages.

For example, you may photograph weddings, senior portraits and babies. If a person visiting your website spends their time reviewing your senior portrait portfolio, you can follow-up with a series of messages which are displayed on websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. Each time she sees your message it’s another touch point, or branding moment. The great thing is the advertiser doesn’t pay anything until someone clicks on the ad. Even better, when someone does click on the ad, it means they want more information from you or is ready to buy.

You can get retargeting code in AdWords, Google Analytics or using the Facebook Pixel. Below is a video I created on the topic of combining SEO and retargeting.

YouTube Link:

Branding For SEO

Branding is also helpful to make your SEO more effective. After some people leave your page, they may return in the future via search. I do it all the time. If you have good branding elements, it is much easier for the searcher to recognize and find you again.

This is another reason good image SEO is important. Take advantage of alt tags. Label your files, including logos and image elements well.

Conversion Best Practices

SEO is about driving traffic to your website. Converting visitors into customers is the job of the website. You must make sure you have best sales conversion practices in place, such as a solid call to action. Make sure you make it is clear and states exactly what you want people to do on each page of your website.

SEO combine with other tactics is much more effective than the practice of SEO along. Think about what happens when people land on your website. What’s next? Does your website look modern and trustworthy?

Google and other search engines want their customers to have an excellent search experience. So, hold up to your end of the bargain and reward the search engines for sending you traffic.

Below is a video about improving conversions: YouTube Link:

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