Five steps to a successful freelance career

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2012)


Rosh Sillars is a photographer, author and marketing consultant.

A freelance career is not easy. It is full of unknowns, inconsistencies and challenges. Below are five important steps in the process of developing a freelance career.  If you follow these ideas you will have a better chance than most to be successful  as an independent creative professional.

1. Combination code:  How are you different? Combine multiple skills, talents, concepts or technologies to separate yourself from the competition.  This step is not easy. Starting out as just another commodity talent will lead to failure quickly.  Here are a few posts that will help you find your And and combination code.

2. Business Basics: How much did today cost you?.  This is an important question, you must know how much it cost you to stay in business every day.  Don’t estimate; write every cost down including how much you want to make annually. Then price your product and services accordingly.

3. Do what you say:  The business world is filled with people and companies that don’t keep their promise to the customer.  Don’t be one of them.  When you develop a reputation for being reliable you keep your hard-earned clients and people will call you more often for the big and important projects.  If you do this right you will easily keep ahead of your competition.

4. Education: Never stop learning. Styles, techniques and technology never stop developing and changing.

5. Thank you:  Thank and reward your valuable customers.  Few do this really well (including myself). Those that do have an amazing edge over their competition.

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