Forty seven things you can do with Wave technology

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2009)

In the near future the opportunity to work in real-time collaborative environments will further change the way photographers do business.

Some of the activities below are available now with the current version of Google Wave, while others are in the not-so-distant future. Although it is not mentioned in every listing, each concept is based on the idea of a collaborative, real-time work environment connecting people from multiple locations.

Things you can do with Google Wave:

1.   Share and update a customized portfolio.

2.   Keep job information, updated from multiple sources, in one location.

3.   Make custom image adjustments for clients while they watch.

4.  Offer live software tutorials.

5.   Communicate seamlessly with clients in other languages.

6.  Conduct brainstorming sessions.

7.  Create a how-to wiki.

8.   Reply to questions from your Web site as the customer is writing them.

9.   Drag and drop files for instant viewing or access.

10.   Collaborate on shooting locations with interactive maps.

11.    Conduct a live poll about your images.

12.    Allow families from multiple states to create customized albums.

13.   Communicate with multiple social media platforms from one location or wave.

14.    Teach a  photography class.

15.   Collaborate on a multimedia presentation.

16.    Send clients project updates.

17.    Collaborate on project estimates with vendors.

18.  Write a multi-author book.

19.   Troubleshoot equipment problems with the manufacturer.

20.   Write live updates and reviews on the latest equipment.

21.   Chat.

22.   Play games live (while waiting for clients).

23.  Real-time video chatting and commenting within a collaborative document.

24.  Collaborative set design.

25. Conference call with additional visual aids in a single document.

26. Fire your assistant.

27.  Create a Wave resource for your target market.

28.  Sell images.

29.   Demonstrate and sell old equipment.

30.   Create an interactive photographic art gallery.

31.   Live blog.

32.   Review a client project from the beginning stages. (Go back in time.)

33.   Create a real-time widget for photographers.

34.   Drag and drop an image from one social media site to another.

35.  Create a photography forum.

36.   Offer live personal service hours to clients.

37.   Collaborative senior portrait proofing.

38.   Critique student photographs.

39.   Podcast while interacting with listeners.

40.  Review taxes with your accountant.

41.   Centralize reporter’s, photographer’s and editor’s notes for editorial assignments.

42.   Keep up-to-the-minute records of business financial accounts (Think real-time Mint)

43.  Create networking events and meetings.

44.  Register your copyright.

45.  Assistants can process your location images from the studio with your supervision.

46.  Interview new support staff.

47. Buy equipment at live auctions.

Can you think of anything else? Use your imagination in the comment section.


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