How Did I Get This Magazine Client?

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2016)

Media has changed over the years. It’s not the foundation of many photographers income, like years past. The money was rarely great, however, the opportunity for a good consistent income benefited many photographers. As media and budgets changed, so did my approach toward handling media clients.

These days, I don’t do as much media work. It once was a daily client activity, photographing for newspapers and magazines. As the budgets dried up, I turned more to commercial photography. Yet, I still keep a few media clients, each offer different opportunities and create mutual benefits by working together. I now use traditional media as a credibility and advertising opportunity.

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One of my main media clients is a Michigan print magazine. It’s a corporate style magazine and we work on Trade. Now, this is not an option I recommend to most photographers. Especially for one time opportunities. However, in this situation I have access to big corporate and political names which help improve the quality of my portfolio. Also, photographing the covers gives me opportunity to photograph and write on different projects related to the media organization.

The benefit to my portfolio and the consistent name recognition in the magazine offers new opportunities each year. Below is a video (link for email subscribers) which explains how I used trade to earn this client. Although the video expands on the story, the video doesn’t clearly state that I developed this trade opportunity through a trade organization.

A trade organization places company trade dollars in a pool which companies may spend with any other member(s) of the organization.  Not all trade organizations are good options, yet, in this situation, it worked.

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