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(Last Updated On: May 2, 2017)

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Instagram is an excellent social platform to grow awareness of your photography. To grow your photography business, people need to see your work. Fortunately for photographers, Instagram is designed to share imagery socially and that is how photographers get known. The platform makes it easy to find the type of images which interest you. It also makes developing a following of people who like your subject and style easier than other platforms.

All social media requires three things, quality, consistency and volume to grow. Obviously, quality can impact how much volume is needed to grow a channel, however, most social media today requires both quality and volume considering the number of people participating. Instagram is no different.

The more you post regularly the faster your account grows. It’s important to develop a theme around your account. The theme can be anything you wish, you as a photographic personality, interesting streetscapes, portraits or food. Not everything you post as to be directly related to your theme, yet at least 80% should be to keep your followers happy. For example, you can share 80% food and 20% percent of your life and personality.

When it comes to discovery, hashtags are everything on Instagram. This includes discovering your work. Make sure you use appropriate hashtags with all of your images. A hashtag is created when you place a “#” next to a keyword or phrase. For example, #food or #strawberries. In Instagram a hashtag becomes a live searchable link which shows images using the same hashtag when clicked.

Instagram is mostly a mobile experience. So make sure your images are mobile friendly. A bear photographed 300 yards away my not be a good option for Instagram. photographs which are easy to understand are best for the platform.

Make sure you engage with other Instagram users. Build relationships with comments. If people begin to like what you say, they may follow you too. Be a champion of other photographers and make yourself a valuable part of the Instagram community. Take the time to heart or like the work of people who follow you.

Although the use of filters on Instragram pegs the platform as a location for amateurs. I know a lot of photographers who were discovered on Instagram by brands and photography buyers. Instagram is an excellent option to develop awareness for your photography at any level.

I created a video called 3 Ways To Improve Instagram Results. It offers some additional thoughts related to growing your channel.



How do you approach Instagram and growing your channel?


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