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(Last Updated On: August 17, 2017)

New Business Fast

We all worry about how to grow our business, there is so much competition. Is it really possible to grow a photography business fast? The answer is yes, however, you must do the work. It’s important to understand business and the fact you can’t do it alone.

The following are ideas which can help you kick-start your business and help it grow faster. There is nothing wrong with slow and organic, yet, a fast growth plan for your business development can get you to your goals quicker.


The first thing I recommend you do is partner with other companies. Look for businesses who target the same customer. The fastest way to earn new clients is to work with someone who already has client relationships.

The biggest mistake photographers make when they use this business building approach is to drop off cards and brochures at a business, and never return. Some photographers will drop in to refill the supplies, however, they tend to gain little traction.

The goal is to build relationships with the people who can refer you. Your card and brochures are tools for your business partners. If a business tells you to place your cards over with all the others and act like they are doing you a favor. I recommend you leave with your materials to save time and your money. Search for better opportunities where people believe in you and trust enough to actively refer you.


The best photographers photograph everyday. Get out there, photograph, improve your skills and share your work everyday. If you don’t have a client to photograph, create your own assignment. Spend at least half of your personal assignments in public. It is amazing how many people will find what you are doing interesting. It’s common for people to ask for cards while you are working in public.


Look on or Facebook for events near you and shake some hands. The more people who know you personally, the better the opportunity to earn referrals. Remember, when you network, focus more on them and less on you. Everyone you meet is an opportunity, however, it may not be the person you are speaking to in the conversation. The more you let other people speak the more opportunity for them to tell you (intentionally or not) who they know who might need your service, such as a family member or business associates. Listen closely.

Family and Friends

Friends can’t refer you, if they don’t know what you are doing. Ask! talk to people who know you. Ask them who do you know. Who do they know who may need your photography services.

Don’t be shy about sharing your latest activities and images in social media. Family and friends like to see your latest photographs in their news feed. This can lead to new opportunities.


Create incentives for people to refer you. It is common to offer a 10% referral fee. However, such fees are common and often not enough to get people excited. Your best source for referrals are your current customers. Especially if they use you regularly. Give them an offer which will excite them. Sometimes. it can be more photography. If you don’t know what that incentive is, survey your clients and ask what would they find valuable as a reward for referring business to you.

Below is a helpful video about building your business fast.
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