I’m starting my blog with a podcast

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2008)

I’m starting my new media photographer blog with a podcast. I’ve been
podcasting longer then I’ve been blogging, so I thought it was more
It’s the digital age and photography is a big part of our visual society. If
you have photographs on the web, you are a new media photographer.

We are exploring shooting for new media, what are good new media
resources, what are the best business practices and how can a
photographer best use new media to grow their business.

The term “new media” is always up for debate. Digital media and
electronic media are often interchanged the new media. Due to the
current rate of technology growth it is certain how information shared
will continue change at a rapid pace. Their will always be new media.

I hope you enjoy this blog and podcast
All the best

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