The Incredible Power Of The Number One

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2017)

We all struggle. You may believe you’re not doing enough to grow your business.  You might be busy or overwhelmed. The result is there are certain things you don’t complete or achieve because you don’t start. Often, you don’t begin new things because the whole of the project or task looks too large. Fortunately, there is a solution, implement the power of one into your daily life.

One thing is for sure, most of the greatest photographers of past and present photograph everyday. If you want to become a better photographer, you must do the same. Maybe you feel you don’t have time. Well, that is not true. You can take one photograph everyday. It doesn’t have to be the perfect photograph, nor does it need high production. Just do it and develop the habit. One photograph everyday.

Obviously, many days you take more than one photograph. Yet, for the days you are so busy your head is spinning, you can still create one image. Half the battle to do anything is showing up. Going through the process.

I know many people who wish to write or create a book of their work. They don’t do it because it’s such a big task. It is! However, if you commit to write one page a day, you can have your book written in less than a year. Maybe, for some of you, one page is too much. Then, write one paragraph a day. Everyday.

Just do one, show up and go through the process. Overtime the accumulative effort will pay off. The power of one is the old joke; how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time. Your commitment does not have to be large, yet it does need to be daily without time off. Some people do take the weekends off, which is fine if you can keep your commitment as part of your workflow during the work week.

If you wish to eat healthy, then start with one day. Don’t worry about tomorrow. You may breakdown tomorrow and who cares. You try again the next day. Decide each morning if you are going to make the commitment to that day. Some days you say yes and others you say no. When you say no on certain days, this does not mean your healthy eating days are over, you ask the same question the next day – one day at a time.

The same goes for exercise. However, you need to decide on one thing you do everyday. A plank, pull-up or push-up. Commit to doing only one each day and move on with your day. You can decide to do more exercise after you’ve complete the first push-up. Somedays you are too busy, still, you showed up.

For my business, I need to attend to organizing some of my finances. So, I’ve started a daily program to do one thing each day related to finance. The key is I show up ready to do that one thing (or more). The compounding effect is lowering the back-log of items I wish to complete, especially for tax season.

I’ve noticed over time some of the things I use this strategy with become habit or part of my regular work-flow. Once that happens I look for another item which needs attention. I recommend you focus on one thing at a time. If you need to photograph more, then focus on photography. Tackling six one things a day doesn’t work as well because you become over whelmed again, the thing that may have stopped you in the first place. The system will break down if you overload it. The maximum  tasks I recommend is three; if all three are small and extremely manageable.

The power of one, gets you moving in the right direction. Share your examples of how you use the power of one. I’ve included a video on the same topic.

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