The photographer's Internet story

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2009)

Do you understand the Internet story for photographers?

The big discussion among photographers is how the prosumer is taking business from professional photographers and how photography buyers are accepting “good enough” photography at cheap rates.

We have talked about this topic at length here and on the New Media Photographer podcast.

I don’t blame the amateur photographer.  If I were an amateur and knew I could make a few extra bucks while enjoying my hobby, I’d do it too.

But, if you are a professional, I must ask you a few questions.  Do you really believe in the value of your photography?

Do you understand how powerful your photography is and how it generates more income for businesses?

Are you stuck on wondering why no one wants to pay the rate you deserve?  Are you concerned that others don’t see how great you are?

Focus on your customers and prospects.  Your concern should be how using “good enough” photography doesn’t help a business gain opportunity and money.   Your prospects will want to listen to this story.  Remember to focus on your prospects’ needs first. Next, offer your professional skills as the solution.


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