It’s just media; get over it.

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2009)

I’m starting to find certain folks are pains in the ass. They’re the ones with their arms folded across their chests in a defiant posture, telling me why social media is a waste of time .

When I’m on the road for my speaking engagements, I actually enjoy the tough questions from skeptics. It’s the everyday conversations that are starting to wear on me.

Social media is a new form of media, but it is still media.  Online networking is a new form of networking, but it is still networking.

The argument still stands: for thousands of years we have looked for better ways to communicate with our clients and prospects.  We have a new way. It’s here. Many of the skeptics are making the case for their side of the argument by watching the wrong people.

Business people have gathered in groups to network for a long time.  The more successful networkers listen well, strive to connect people, share quality information, and teach others how to refer them.  This is common knowledge.

Unfortunately, we still see people at business networking events passing out cards like free samples to everyone who will look at them.  They show little regard or care for you or your business.  They don’t get it.

The same is true with social media.  Some people don’t get it and never will get it.  Their concern is for themselves and a quick buck.  Social media will never work for the selfish, show-me-the money people.

Social media works in partnership with your full marketing plan. Using media to build trust, credibility and communicate is an effective method of sharing your story.  So ignore the term social networking. Networking is social. It’s just networking. Forget about broadcast media, print media or social media.  It is just media.

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