Jesh de Rox: the fine art of photography and psychology

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2011)

Jesh de Rox has stumbled onto something.

When people are the subject, photographers often have trouble getting past the superficial environment of a staged scene.  Subjects nervously offer fake smiles at first. Couples are guarded and really don’t share their true selves in front of the camera. Jesh has taken on this obstacle full force with a concept he calls beloved.

by Jesh de Rox

I had the opportunity to interview Jesh in Australia.  You can listen to the interview on podcast 177.

Jesh marries photography and psychology in a program that reportedly helps couples fall in love all over again. He gives couples cues and role-playing ideas that help draw out real conversations and emotion.  When a man and woman share ideas and thoughts that haven’t been explored in years, something magical happens.  Suddenly, the photographer’s job is easy.

The sweet spot, Jesh says, are couples who have been together almost a decade.  Some consider his methods controversial since tampering with emotions could open a Pandora’s box of outcomes.  Jesh offers his couples an amazing experience.  That, along with his experimental Photoshop techniques, create emotional photographs and experiences to be cherished.

Only a few short years after developing his style , Jesh travels the world sharing his concept, experiences and stories.   I watched it for myself as Jesh helped a couple fall in love again in front of  more than 100 people.  The intensity of their emotions sent ripples through the audience; there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.


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