Links:photography SEO secrets number 3

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2008)

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I know it may seem that some of the secrets are obvious, if you have
been around SEO for a while, but what is correct is correct. I will bring
this all together in the fifth segment. I think the last post will be very
telling and helpful in your quests for Googles front page.

Actually, number one is where you want to be. The last statistics I
observed where people hit the first link in a search 44% of the time and
number two 11% and it’s all down hill from there.

Secret number #3: Links are the gold of search engine optimization.
Quality links mean everything. Links from other sites related to your site.
For example. If you are a photographer and have a link from a web site
talking about politics and nothing about photography, the value is much
lower. Blog links are great. EDU and GOV links are wonderful. Yes there
is a hierarchy.

So trade links with relevant sites. If people are willing to link to the
information and content you are offering, then the search engines will
consider you more of an expert.

Happy 4th!


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