Looking into the future

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2009)

Google added a key words forecasting element to Insights for Search, which is one of my favorite tools.

Insights for Search is used to discover Internet inquiry requests based on specific key words entered into Google’s search engine. The application allows you to view trends based on dates, region, or type of search. The site offers insight to related words that are relevant to your needs.

Sometimes a key word you think is well-suited to support your Web site is neither the best nor the most searched. Use Google’s data to follow the trends and see the up-and-coming key words that could be relevant to your Web site.

I used this new feature to learn that “photographer” as a key word is on a downward trend. However, “Photographer blog” — especially “wedding photographer blog” –is on a major upward trend. Google predicts these trends will continue for the next year.

How well  will this tool work for you? I can’t predict.


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