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The Combination Code

I champion a boring yet powerful word — and

With this three-letter conjunction I support you, the creative entrepreneur to grow your creative business?

Technology has lowered the barrier of entry into your industry.  Today anyone can Google what you do and do it themselves. Accounting, the law, travel professionals, construction, writing, photography, marketing, web design, computer programing, publishing are all examples of careers that have lost business opportunities due to technology and the Internet.

I’ve traveled as far as Australia  to speak on digital marketing and social media.  Professionals consult with me about how to make a living within their technology-ravaged and ever-changing industries.  In my travels, I’ve noticed that the people who continue to do well in their industries have employed the and.

The goal is to make your competition irrelevant. Finding your and is the solution.

For example, a photographer develops a specialty, such as becoming photographer and writer. Maybe your passion is design, so you become a photographer and a designer or a photographer and videographer. You get the idea.

Many professionals create an and by combining their core talents with teaching their craft, developing a niche specialty, or applying new technologies.

Not every and is a niche; not every niche is an and.  Many niches are developed when a professional, such as a photographer, narrows his focus to a particular area, such as becoming a floral photographer. This is not an example of an and. A familiar large-scale example of the and would be Apple Computer. Apple developed its and by combining technology with design. Another example is!, which sells shoes and has top-notch customer service.

Look around and you will notice many successful companies that combine products, services, concepts, philosophies and technologies to create something incredible.

Creating an and doesn’t guarantee success. You need to test it and then learn how to marketing and promote it.

Ten years ago it was harder for professionals to employ the and within their industry.   People were often limited by the opportunities available within their hometown.  Today digital technologies, digital marketing, and social media offer people a way to find customers in cities and towns around the world.  Savvy professionals are not confined by tradition industry roles and regional limitations.

My mission is to help you find your and, share your story, and create a successful career.

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What is your and? © Rosh Sillars 2018

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