Never Give Up!

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2020)

I released a video Sunday titled Never Give Up. I think it’s a message that many photographers and creatives need to hear.

After I graduated from art school with a BFA in photography, I had photography opportunities. Yet, I did struggle with money and direction.

One day my mother suggested I get a real job. Oddly, I wasn’t offended. I was encouraged because, to my understanding at the time, most every great creative had someone telling them to get a real job when they first began or struggled with their career.

Never Give Up

I’ve been accused of being over-optimistic many times in my life. Yet, I know if I didn’t have such optimism, I would have given up. I wouldn’t have been able to push through without the right attitude. By not giving up, I learned how to adjust and pivot and navigate the creative life.

I gained the knowledge that not everything will end up as you originally envisioned. But, if I want to accomplish a life of my dreams, I’ll need to make adjustments and that it’s OK to change some of your goals when they no longer suit you or your current vision.


I’ve been saying the following to many creatives lately. There are two constants. Change and people complaining about the change.

My experience allowed me to develop the concept of the Combination Code. Understand your code and continually test ideas and apply the ones that work to your life, career and/or business combination. The world, technology, and society is always changing, so you must always be testing and adapting.

The combination code is a concept that gives you the tools and knowledge you need to make the necessary adjustments to keep moving forward toward success.

Never The Same

The worst thing you can do in your career is to find your good and then try to keep it the same. A perfect time in your life, when your business is growing, or career humming on all cylinders. Rather than appreciate such a time and move forward, you waste the new opportunities by trying to recreate the old days.

You have new opportunities right now. I know everything is different. Look around; look forward to what’s next. Apply the new to the skills you already have. You can do this and never give up!

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