Our bleeding edge future: Blellow

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2009)


The way you do business is about to change. Blellow is an example of how freelance people will work with clients and associates in the future. It’s about online collaboration.

Like Twitter, Blellow’s foundation is micro-blogging using a basic system of posting comments, links and information while following the people you find of value and interest. Blellow offers more than double the writing room as Twitter. You can post up to  300 characters. Plus, you can attach files to your post — a bonus for photographers and creative people.

Blellow brings us one step closer to the future of social media. Soon, we all will be working online using collaborative platforms as part of our regular course of  business. This site is the next step.

If you need help, you can enable the Kudos button. This button will turn your post pink,  allowing the helpful and knowledgeable members of the community to find you. You may then offer Kudos in return to that helpful person.

Blellow also takes micro-blogging to a new level with the option to join groups. I belong to the entrepreneurs, photography and Photoshop groups. You also can create and join private groups. This makes the applications for Blellow endless.

The creators included excellent networking elements such as project postings, job listings and meet-ups.

Since it’s a start-up, Blellow communities are rather small. But, for photographers, freelancers and creative people, it’s a good next step after you gain a working knowledge of Twitter. Once you join, you will see the value of having other people in your areas of interest available to comment on your work and share information.

Blellow is like an advanced Twitter: It’s pushing social media in the direction it needs to go, making social media more productive.

For updates and questions http://blog.blellow.com/


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