12 Helpful Photography Calculators

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2019)


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Peter Eastway, from Australia, contacted me to share some helpful information for photographers. I talk about it on Podcast 356. One of the things he shared is his photography Income estimator.  I love calculators!, I’ve built a few on my own for my companies and clients. There are more types of calculators available than you might think to help photographers. The depth of field and cost of doing business calculators (CODB) immediately come to mine. Yet, there are many more. Some calculators relate to business and pricing, while others focus on helping you create better images. I list twelve, however, there are more than one type of calculator on many of the sites listed.

Below is a list of photography calculators you will find valuable.

Better Photography Income Calculator: We start with the calculator that kicked off the idea for this post. This calculator divides your income into different types of photography. It helps give you an overall sense of where your business is coming from and where you need to focus in the future. photo income calculator

Depth of Field Calculator and more!: This is a basic calculator to help you figure out depth of field. There are smart phone applications also available. However, if you are working on a studio project or at your computer, the website application might be easier to access. Other valuable calculators you find on this page are a Parallax Calculator, Angular Field of View Calculator, Dimensional Field of View Calculator, Mosaic Calculator and Lens Equivalence / Diffraction Calculator.

NPPA Calculator: This calculator from NPPA (National Press Photographers Association) is a long time go to calculator for photographers who want to figure out how much it takes to run their business. I believe it was upgraded a few years ago. It’s clean and easy to use.

ASMP Calculator: The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) also has a helpful calculator to figure out your cost of doing business (CODB). You might consider running your numbers through a few CODB calculators. This will give you a better overall perspective.

How Much To Charge: This is one the calculators I created for photographers. One of the most common questions I receive is how much should I charge? I created this tool for my 2014 pricing article. The look needs an update, however, it functions well and many photographers us it as a guide.

Available Light: This is an available light exposure calculator. Select one of many scenarios such as starlight or bright sun on snow and the tool calculates your exposure options.

Tilt Shift depth of field Calculator: There are a few depth of field calculators, including apps for your smart phone. This calculator helps those who use tilt shift and want to know the depth field for various adjustments. The same website has a very nice suite of photography calculators, I recommend you to check them out. (Here)


What To Charge:  What should you charge for your photography? My calculator is more for commercial photographers. Here is a four step process for portrait and wedding photographers from sproutingphotographer.com.  It walks you through the process of creating projections for your photography business. This includes determining how many portraits and weddings you need to photograph per year to make a living.

Hyper Focal Calculator: They say it best on the website. The hyperfocal distance is the focus distance that yields the greatest depth of field, or range of apparent focus, and will be from one-half the hyperfocal distance to infinity.

Pinhole Design Calculator: Do you like to make pinhole cameras? If you have never created a pinhole camera, now it the time. A pinhole camera helps you understand the basics of photography. This is a helpful website with calculators to support the design of your next pinhole camera.


Milky Way Exposure Calculator: So, you want to photograph the Milky Way? Here is a calculator to help give you a good starting point with your exposure.

Golden Hour Calculator: When is the golden hour where you live? The goldern hour is the time when many photographers consider the light of the sun most beautiful and ideal for photography. This calculator tells you when the golden hour begins (it’s always changing — year round).


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