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(Last Updated On: November 10, 2008)

Below is a list of resources from Podcamp Michigan 1.  Audio and video etc. If you are interested in seeing my talk you can see and hear it through the links below.  But, definately check out the other talks as they are uploaded. Everyone shared great information.

A couple thoughts on my Podcamp Michigan talk.  I think I was a little too loose on my comments on using other people images (responding to a question).  I mentioned that if you are asked to take copyrighted images down from your blog or web site and you comply – you should have no problems.  That is not 100% true.  If someone feels you have made money or have benefitted greatly from using their images, you could find yourself in a lawsuit.  Anyone can sue you at any time.  Always respect copyrights.

Overall not bad for a first run through on a new talk.  I can see where I need to polish up.  There are a couple items I should add and a few I should subtract.  Overall I had a great time and enjoyed meeting a lot of fun people.


As of Monday afternoon 11/10/2008 not all the videos are up.  But, I understand they will continue to be upload. If you have another link to share please email me


(Chris Brogan is a co-founder of podcamp)

Podcamp Michigan main blog 

Twitter #pcmi08

Hi Definition Video http://www.coefficientmedia.com/podcampmichigan

Audio podcampmichigan Audio

You tube http://www.youtube.com/user/podcampmichigan

Zaldor.com blog http://www.zaldor.com/

Shannon Paul shared her “That guy” slide show on line Shannon Paul

Hajj Flemings Slide show on branding





Afterglow photo

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