Search Engine Optimization for photographers: Secret number one

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2008)

SEO for photographers

I’ve had great luck with SEO (Search engine optimization). Well, maybe
it’s not luck, I’ve worked very hard at it. I’m going to spend a few days
sharing some of what I have learned.

If you need a little proof, here is the scenario. I’m
a photographer living in Metro Detroit Michigan specializing
in people food and interiors. Try some of the keys words below
in Google and Yahoo.

I’ve earned as high as number 14 in the world for people photographer
on Google. Prosperous Artists is has been as high as number 4 in
Google for the single word -prosperous. New Media photographer is
already shaping up will with Google. In Yahoo I’ve had six out of ten
spots on a single front page for my key words.

Google and the other search engines are always making adjustments, so
claims today may be adjusted tomorrow. But, the examples below are
pretty solid.

My success with Google:

People photographer portfolio
interior photographer portfolio
Detroit people photographer
Detroit food photographer
Detroit interior photographer
Michigan people photographer
Michigan food photographer
Michigan interior photographer

There are more but these are some of the best
Secret Number One: The search engines can’t read the 1000 words
your images, audio, video and animation represent. Use a lot of text.


PS while writing this I just found out my newest efforts put me #1 on
Yahoo for people photographer and interior photographer and #6 for food
photographer. I’m a happy photographer.

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