Seven interesting facts to boost your marketing efforts

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2011)

Here are some interesting facts and ideas found in recent studies that might help you create new, innovative, and smart marketing decisions:

  • A recent study observed that 1oo percent of people using search look at the organic results. (source)
  • The same study mentioned above observed that only 24.5 percent (on average) looked at the paid advertisements on the right side of the search page. (source)
  • Social media is not killing e-mail; it remains a vital method of communication for all age groups. (source)
  • According to the agency, Merkle, 87 percent of Internet users checked personal e-mail daily in 2010. This rate has been consistent the last four years. Another reminder that e-mail is not dead.
  • One in 5 consumers who complain to brands via Twitter or Facebook want a response within the hour. (source)
  • People are making more decisions in real-time. (source)
  • Online video usage is up 45 percent since last year. (source)

How would you apply the above information?



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