Six lies business owners tell themselves about digital marketing

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2015)
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As I consult with business owners I hear many justifications as to why they don’t want to invest in a digital marketing campaign. Search Engine Optimization is a big one for excuses. It’s all voodoo. Digital marketing platforms and concepts do perform differently for various industries. That doesn’t mean they don’t work. Testing is really the only way to tell what will work for your company. Done right a good digital marketing campaign develops awareness for your company, drives more traffic to you website and increase sales.

Unfortunately, many business owners dip their toe in the water and declare digital marketing a failure. Chances are the failure is not approaching the marketing option using best practices, testing and giving the campaign time to mature.

Below are six common statements I often hear to justify not using digital marketing.

People don’t search for my product or service on Google.  I find it amazing how many business owners think they are the only company on the planet exempt from search. The business owners use Google to find all sorts of information, but when it comes to their business — it’s different. Honestly, the more obscure your product or service the greater the chance people will use a search engine to find a solution.

CEO myth. I often hear business owners state that a good lead for their company is a C-suite executive. For some reason business owners think executives don’t use search engines. Even if that is true, chances are the executive assistant is using Google to find the information or solution their boss demands.

People don’t click on web advertisements. It is true that many online visitors are blind to ads. That is until something they find interesting catches their eye. Actually, online advertising companies are doing a good job serving up relevant ads to viewers. This is especially true with search engine marketing (SEM) ads. Over time trust in online advertisements is increasing.

Email is dead. Email is a live and well. Even millennials  prefer to hear from brands via email compared to social media and other platforms. As I like to say to clients… Email is dead when Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn stop emailing me.

SEO is dead too. SEO is dead when people stop using Google. Until then, it’s more important than ever.

Digital marketing doesn’t produce the right kind of leads. It is common for digital campaigns to produce leads that don’t fit a businesses perfect client profile. Yes, it is possible to narrow the focus of a campaign. Unfortunately, it also narrows the possibility of landing a perfect client. The best solution is to have a process to weed out good and bad leads quickly and efficiently.

What would you add to this list?

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