Six things your clients don't care about

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2012)

Business owners mistakenly think prospects and clients care about their business.  So much so, they share useless business facts and information as the core of their marketing strategy. Marketing is hard enough without this practice.

Customers will care eventually, but their concern must be earned.  You can’t tell people how cool you are, yet business owners try to do so anyway. Business owners think people want warranties. People don’t want warranties; they want things that work properly. Here are six things your customers, clients and prospects don’t care about:

  1. How long you’ve been in business.  Yes, for some industries, being in business for a long time can offer a sense of confidence for clients, but you can’t use this fact as the core of your marketing unless it’s incredible.
  2. Great service. You don’t get to say this; satisfied customers do the talking.  If service is the foundation of your business, it better be awesome and not just a slogan.
  3. Equipment:  If a client asks about your equipment, tell them what they need to know. Generally, most people just want great results and don’t care how you get there.  Don’t force unwanted information on your clients.
  4. Your warranty or guarantee. A guarantee can help give customers confidence, but if you don’t have the results or reputation behind your warranty and guarantees, the words are meaningless.  Building a marketing campaign around  these tools is like marketing around service. It had better be incredibly good.
  5. How hard you work.  Customers want results, they don’t care how you get there.  Working hard is fine.  Maybe you are working long, hard days because you are unorganized, unprofitable,  and don’t delegate.
  6. Your price.  OK, I’ll concede that customers do care about price. But, if price is the main concern regarding your product or service, you are a commodity of little value.  If your marketing and business model is based on price, your company name better be Wal-mart.  If it is not, you need to change your business plan.

What would you add to this list?





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