Sixty-six ways to promote your blog

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2010)

1.) Comment on other blogs.

2.) Share your new posts on Twitter.

3.) Share your old posts on Twitter.

4.) Use to keep track of clicks and make it easy to Stumble your posts.

5.) Use Digg to promote your posts.

6.) Be a guest blogger.

7.) Champion other bloggers.

8.) Create videos for YouTube.

9.) Create a Facebook fan page.

10.) Write an e-book.

11.) Submit your blog to directories.

12.) Create support blogs.

13.) Use link bait to encourage links to your site.

14.) Use signature links in your blog comments where acceptable.

15.) Start a forum.

16.) List your blog in your e-mail signatures.

17.) Link to other blogs often.

18.) Thank everyone who comments positively about you or your blog.

19.) Use exciting headlines or titles.

20.) Use important key words in your titles.

21.) Don’t forget to use internal links.

22.) Create a newsletter.

23.) Advertise your blog using AdWords.

24.) Advertise on Facebook.

25.) Tag your photographs well for image search.

26.) Use a site map.

27.) Set up a social network through Ning.

28.) Interview a guest on a podcast.

29.) Ask to be a guest on related podcasts.

30.) Create a Squidoo lens.

31.) Create a business card for your blog.

32.) Create a Polldaddy survey

33.) Create a press release and send it to locations like PR Web.

34.) Use the promotion tools available through Feedburner.

35.) Offer to speak to groups related to your blog theme.

36.) Use categories and tags effectively.

37.) Answer questions on Yahoo answers.

38.) Share relevent links on LinkedIn.

39.) Attend conferences.

40.) Attend local Tweetups.

41.) Offer an RSS e-mail option.

42.)  Ask your readers for testimonials.

43.) Write an article for traditional media.

44.) Create T-shirts with your blog name.

45.) Create a blog promotion contest.

46.) Submit how-to articles to sites like Ezine.

47.) Post often; the more you post, the more traffic to your site.

48.) Use Tweetmeme to make it easy for people to tweet your posts.

49.) Offer e-cards through Fomoto. Make sure to watermark your blog name on the photo.

50.) Make sure your Permalink names relate to your post.

51.) Ask related bloggers to trade links.

52.) Use link shorteners to test headlines in social media.

53.) Promote your best blog posts with a unique ad on your blog front page.

54.) Trade commercials on other podcasts.

55.) Pull your blog RSS feed into your Facebook account for automatic updates.

56.) Enable Trackbacks.

57.) Claim your blog on Technorati.

58.) Create and use images from a flickr account. (I like the Flickr Widget plug-in for WordPress.)

59.) Create a public Google wave about your blog where others can share ideas.

60.) Create smart phone application for your blog.

61.) Offer an award for top people in your blog niche.

62.) Create a flickr group for your followers.

63.) Display a best of gallery of your flickr group images.

64.) Establish a call-in line for people to ask questions.

65). Create a LinkedIn Group.

66.) Create a list of 66 ways to promote your blog.


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