4 Social Media Tools To Help Your Marketing

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2016)

Good tools are helpful when you share your story in the social media. They help you figure out what is working, improve your reach and develop new ideas. Below are four tools to get you started.

1. Buzzsumo Chrome extension. You many know of the Buzzsumo website that shows you the top articles based on social media sharing. Well, they have a plug-in for Chrome that helps you get instant feed back on how well a webpage is doing in social media. You can check to see how many times your posts is shared on different platforms. You can also evaluate how well a post is doing from a favorite author.

2. Canva. This online design tool continues to grow in value for small business owners and marketing professionals. They claim to be the easiest design tool in the world, they might by right.

3. Feedly. Don’t waste your time going to all your favorite blogs and sources of information. Have the web come to you. Feedly works like a traditional RSS reader with additional features to help keep your information resources organized. I use Feedly as my personal newspaper to keep up to date on what’s happening and to find helpful information to Tweet.

4. Social Mention. Do you need more insight on a topic, person or brand. Social Mention is a free tool that gives you additional understanding on the strength, sentiment and reach of a subject.


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